Should Clinton be forced to testify under oath about her email server?

  • Of course she should

    Why should she be exempt from disclosure of course she should testify. And be held accountable for her actions. What she did was wrong and she should be judged and tried just like everyone else who breaks the law. Just because she is rich and has connections
    doesn't mean she get away with it

    Posted by: A.37
  • Yes. Cyber safety and honesty is essential for all government officials.

    For any government personnel, cyber safety should be as high on the agenda as physical safety. Clinton should testify on oath regarding her email server. We hope she would be honest without it, however mistrust of political figures means that swearing on the oath may add gravitas to her words..

  • Yes, Clinton should be helps accountable and should have to testify about her email server.

    Yes, Clinton should have to testify. She should be held accountable for her actions, especially since they put the safety of the country at risk. Anyone else would have to answer to their mistakes. Clinton should be held to those same standards, especially if she is going to lead our country.

  • Yes, like with any crime, the person in question should testify under oath about the crime in question.

    Yes, Clinton should be forced to testify under oath about her email server. When a possible crime has been committed in the United States, there's, at the very least, a required hearing in which the parties associated have to testify under oath about their involvement. Just because Clinton is running for presidential office does not exclude her from the laws that govern the rest of the country.

  • No, she's already testified.

    Former Senator Clinton has already testified before Congress about the email server. There's been eight Congressional panels, as well as State Department and FBI investigations. She's not going to get charged with anything, and it's time for those who hate her to start doing their jobs instead of harassing her.

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