• Clinton Got Off Too Lightly

    After the FBI chose not to press charges against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, she moved on with nothing but a short apology to the American people. One has to wonder that if Clinton lacked her political power and social stature then the outcome might have been entirely different. She admittedly made some serious mistakes and a simple sorry will not suffice.

  • Clinton should be held accountable

    Whether or not her mistakes were intentional they had consequences and could have had very severe consequences. She needs to be dealt with accordingly. If not it sends a message to every other politician that it's ok to make similar mistakes. And if it's ok, why not do it intentionally and see what benefits can be had? It's a slippery slope and it has to stop with Clinton.

  • Yes, she should.

    She should be held accountable for her mistakes. So should every other human being who is running for political office. She should not be singled out for her mistakes any more than anyone else should. That said, she should be held responsible for the mistakes that she makes during her canidacy.

  • She already has

    The republicans were running scared when they heard she was running for office. Their only recourse was to find something that they could constantly tout that would stick in everyone's ear. They tried Benghazi but soon found that there was nothing that they could prosecute her for there so they rejoiced when her separate server was revealed. She handed them that one on a silver platter but even that was obviously partisan. The American people were getting weary of hearing about them but it did stick in their ear, to the point where they think she is untrustworthy. So it is working for them but they are unable to get her out of the presidential race.

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