• Seriously it's not even close

    The other argument said that she lied in her emails. The FBI investigation revealed nothing detrimental and it was organized by a council of mostly REPUBLICANS organized by congress. Also she supports EVERYONE'S rights unlike our other main party nominee Mrs. Donald J Trump. He has said racist and sexist things countless times and his running mate is well know to be anti LGBTQ+. Trump has compared women to pigs and says climate change is made up. 99% of scientists agree climate change is real. Think about it this way: is 99% of bridge experts said a bridge couldn't hold you would you walk a cross the grand canyon with it? NO YOU WOULDN'T!!! Unless you are drunk, stupid, or just plain mentally unstable. My point is this: Do you want a president who is racist, sexist, and ignorant (trump) or a president with experience who believes in everyone's rights (Hillary). If you choose Trump, congrats on your white penis.

  • Lying, Corrupt Criminal

    Hillary Clinton has lied about her emails under oath countless times. She caused the death of 4 Americans at Benghazi. She takes money from countries that hate women and LGBT and claims that she's the only one for women's rights and LGBT rights. If she can't handle a few pieces of classified info, I don't trust her protecting our nation.

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