• It's fucking nasty

    If you get a fat ass up in the bathroom dropping a big ass shit it can't be tolerated because it's infringing on my ability to drop a deuce of drain the schlong also anybody not just the large we can't let this go on its vandalism Aswell thanks for reading

  • What if it happens by accident?

    Sometimes, the toilet just gets clogged. As nasty as it is, people should not be blamed for actions they may not have been responsible for. Because of this, we cannot penalize people under law for something they had no plausible influence on. How would you even figure out who clogged it without cameras in every stall?

  • Literally shit happens

    There isn't anything you can really do about the need if it pop up on you . And we designed toilets to deal with . It isn't really anyone's fault if it is clogged unless it is filled toilet paper and it would mean going to the toiler would be a bit more like a fine lottery.

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