• Very important to make people feel as if they belong

    Everybody deserves to be on the team as much as the others do. It makes the person who is not getting as much playing time feel terrible because they are not as good as the other players. There most definitely should be equal participation by each player. Discriminating against people who are on their first year of playing is not right. Even if you played for ten years or you're just starting there should be equal amounts for both people to play.

  • Equal time on the field

    If the "chosen ones" play all the time, it makes them better, which creates a larger difference in talent between them and the ones that do not play. A team full of well developed talent is always better than a team with a few highly talented players, especially if playing the sport includes risk of injury. Further, winning is not everything. The memories of the enjoyment of playing are far, far more valuable than what a scoreboard says on a given afternoon. If incentive becomes a problem, use starting as a reward for the ones who earn it.

  • Of course each player should have equal playing time.

    When a student joins a sports team, it means that they wish to succeed in that particular sport. Everyone knows the saying, "It's not the winning that counts, it's how you play the game", and yet they seem to ignore it and throw it away like a piece of rubbish. Schools especially. If a child is constantly not picked to play a game, it can lower their self esteem. I understand this because when I was 9 years old, I joined my netball team. Every so often, we played other schools in matches, and every time that happened, our coach would pick players. And every time, I was left out, while the more athletic kids won us matches. After that, I became less confident in sports lessons, which caused my grades to drop. This should never happen to a child, which is why it has to stop.

  • It depends largely on age group. At elementary age, all players should be granted equal playing time.

    When children are playing sports at an elementary level, it is a key development phase, so everyone should be given the chance to improve equally. Also, it prevents any kid from feeling like he/she is not welcome on a coaches team. Even in the older age groups, when fellings aren't spared nearly as much, I still think relatively equal playing time allows for each player to remain near the top of their stamina and to improve themselves and the rest of the team at the same time. Equal playing time is obviously more provable at the younger ages, but I think it helps the same ways for the same reasons all the way up to pro sports.


    They should totally have all the players play equal amounts of time because if the coach doesn't then it makes the bench-warmers feel as if the coaches are playing favorites. If they don't then it would seem as if the coaches only care about winning and not having any fun whilst playing.

  • Coaches should let kids playing close to equal.

    You should let your kids have equal playing time as a coach because every kid could have potential and would feel better if they had playing time. I'm not saying every kid will be the next goat, but it would benefit a lot for the team. Sports are mostly team games, not a squad. If eveyone is playing everyone is happy and you will still be winning. Even the kids that suck should be played. Not a whole lot but a little to make them happy and feel wanted.

  • Yes they should

    All players of a team should be able to have an equal share/play time as the other teammates. So what if they are a little more weaker than the others but that also gives them an oppurtunity to get stronger and smarter and that sport. And when you let the stronger kids play, that just gives them more practice, which is good, but also prevents the other teammates from participating in that sport.

  • Everyone should have equal opportunities!!

    Sure a lot of kids are not good at different sports but everyone should have opportunities to learn and grow!! I am on a very good soccer team we are division one and a lot of girls get more playing time, the girls being benched are very upset. It is not fair to them or there parents because there parents are paying lots of money and bringing their kids to games so they can watch other kids!!!!

  • Yes they should

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  • If you aren't good, don't expect a starting spot.

    Say you are playing football, you do get breaks and let the back-ups play but if you are down a couple of touchdowns, in the third quarter, you need your starters in so you can. Teams strive to win. People won't play if you lose all the time. More and more people will go out for a sport if you have a winning team, even if they're shirt wearers, they are part of a winning team. So, athletes shouldn't get equal playing time.

  • Should players get equal playing time?

    No, because if you are playing basketball you want to win. So you are going to need the starting 5 to hold the game out. Also if you team is done by just a few point you are going to need the starting 5 to rack up some point, then once they have a healthy lead you can get the starters back in.

  • Should players get equal playing time?

    No, because if you are playing basketball you want to win. So you are going to need the starting 5 to hold the game out. Also if you team is done by just a few point you are going to need the starting 5 to rack up some point, then once they have a healthy lead you can get the starters back in.

  • Kids should not have the same amount of playing time .

    Some kids do nothing at practices and games and are rude and do not treat others with respect, and they should be able to play ? No, they shouldn't, if others try and want to play and are actually good and play the game right then they should be able to, nut the kids who don't try should't .

  • Students shouldn't have equal playing time.

    As a player for a middle school basketball team I have 13 team mates and our coaches try to get everyone in , But we are in the championship season and everyone wants to be in. The starters have been playing longer and are able to dribble score and know the plays correctly. They had more practice they deserve to play when we get sat down on the bench we are proud to be wearing the teams colors and you should be too

  • Ask your kid what he thinks. You may be surprised.

    I am an advocate of equal time during the season. The score does not count towards any league standings. The coaches explain, that these games are like practice for the tournament.

    However, the tournament at the end of the year is a one and done tournament. There is no double elimination and the Winner gets a big trophy, At this point , I advocate having the best players play and if the opportunity presents itself, put in the less talented players.

    Why, ask your kid, especially if he is one of the least talented players. He will likely tell you that he wants to win the trophy rather than be forced to play a position where he could lose the game, the trophy and not be able to play in the next game. I have seen parents get very mad about their child not playing much in a tournament at the same time tell me their child had a great time regardless.

  • Fair isn't Equal!

    I believe that once you get past the elementary years playing time should be earned. The playing time should be earned in practice. If your best athlete doesn't practice well then his/her in game minutes should go down and vise versa for your worse athlete. Playing time should be fair but fair doesn't mean equal.

  • Equal opportunity yes... Not equal playing time

    Everyone has the chance to earn playing time. You earn playing time by being better than another person. If you are unhappy with the amount of playing time you receive then work harder to become better. I have been on teams where I have played the entire game and I have also been on teams where I was lucky if I played 1 minute out of every 3 games. It motivated me to get better and now I am looking at playing collegiate athletics. I have learned that I must earn everything and life will not always be fair.

  • Failure is a good motivator

    As a coach. I do my very best to give fair if not equal time. But we recently had a chance to win it all. So yes. The bench was shortened and a few did not get as much time. (Soccer). 1 game out of a 10 game season. The other 14 girls deserved to win it all. Failure my make the players who did not play as much I'm the final practice more for next year.

  • Equal Playing Time?

    I think that People should understand the fact that this isnt elementary sports like it used to be. How everyone played fair. Today it is a lot more than that it is based upon how hard you practice and talent coming in to that sport. If you have been playing your whole life chance are you are going to be better than the people who are just joining. When you become a parent make your kids try a lot! It will benefit them in the long run. If they at least try they have the chance to tell you they dont like it. And if they do try it maybe they will end up loving it.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-11T04:11:52
If it is a school sport then yes. Not for professional or college level sports.