• Why the hell not

    I don't care if you wanna do cocaine. Do cocaine man. Who cares? Not me just my opinion though. It's so easy to find anyways so what's the point of it being illegal. We could use the money made to find research for more effective rehabilitation methods and better education

  • Why the hell not

    I don't care if you wanna do cocaine. Do cocaine man. Who cares? Not me just my opinion though. It's so easy to find anyways so what's the point of it being illegal. We could use the money made to find research for more effective rehabilitation methods and better education

  • I want to get high

    I want to be able to experience a nice high every now and then without breaking the law or going to mexico to buy drugs from the cartel because I don't really want to be on the FBI watch list for dealing drugs. And now that Donald Trump is our president its going to be harder to smuggle coke into the country.

  • Boosts LEDCs economies

    Extremely poor countries such as Bolivia, Colombia, Honduras etc can make buisness through producing and dealing cocaine legally as supposed to illegally, where their families lives are in constant danger. Selling crops is hardly an option for these people as it is no where near enough money to live on.

  • The country might not be in debt if it was legal and could get the country out of debt if it was legalized.

    Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a Colombian drug lord and narcoterrorist. His cartel supplied an estimated 80% of the cocaine smuggled into the United States at the height of his career, turning over US $21.9 billion a year in personal income. Wikipedia

    20 Trillion in debt could be repayed in 1000 years from legalizing cocaine alone at 20 billion in profit a year. 20 billion is less than the possible yearly revenue from legalizing cocaine.

    The currency within the country would also remain in the country by growing more of our own products. It would also allow users of the plant to get jobs by passing drug tests. This would enable prosperity and productivity within the US, increasing internal profits.

  • Legalization means CONTROL

    No black market = no money for cartels and criminals, money will go to the government instead, safer life for everyone (less bad guys around), less people in jail and more importantly no more strange adulterating agents like baby powder, phenacetin and fentanyl (which killed a lot of people recently!!!)

  • All drugs will be cheaper.

    I probably won't snort cocaine, cause i think it's too dangerous but if cocaine legalized, all drugs will be cheaper, especially marijuana which i love. Beside, why not? It's their money, their body. We all know smoking cigarette kill, so why not cocaine or marijuana? It's all discrimination to me. 420ers matter!

  • Whether or not it is bad/dangerous/addictive is meaningless

    The inherent dangers of the the drug makes no difference. What people need to concern themselves with is harm reduction, i.e. Perhaps there is regulatory framework in which cocaine produces less deaths or addicts that the current prohibitory framework. This might be a counterintuitive concept but regardless we should follow the science on this issue with three prime studies leading the conversation. A) Bruce Alexanders work into addiction b) the study into heroine addiction during the Vietnam war and c) decriminalisation of drugs in portugal.

  • Legalize all drugs.

    The only thing keeping any drug illegal accomplishes is to create a black market for drug kingpins to engage in organized crime and terrorize our streets. If all drugs, whether cocaine, weed, heroin, krokodil, or even meth were legalized and regulated, it would (a) cut the drug kingpins at the knees, (b) drop the prices for all street drugs, which would result in more people using them, which wound in turn (c) lower the world population humanely and possibly save the planet.

  • Take out the criminal element

    Take out the criminal element
    Control it and tax it, and that money could be used to fund any treatment programmes
    It would also allow the justice system- police and courts- to deal with more serious matters with their limited resources
    Lastly, consenting adults should be able to do what they like even if it harms them
    For the record I do not do drugs and do not like them but that does not mean other peoples' should not have that right

  • Drug abuse is killing society.

    Individual liberty is an essential characteristic of a free society. In most cases, citizens should be free to make decisions--even ones that are harmful to their health and well being. However, because the US has an ever-expanding welfare program, hard drug use must remain illegal. Heavy cocaine use will only lead to more people depending on the government for their income.

  • It is too dangerous.

    Cocaine is different than some of the other recreational drugs such as marijuana and alcohol. Some people die when they try it for the first time. If they do not die, they can become instantly addicted to the drug, and as time progresses, so does the addiction. The cost for their next fix increases as their body grows accustomed to the amounts of cocaine in their system. It tears down the user's body until they are nothing more than a stick figure, and ultimately they can die from heart failure.

  • Cocaine is deadly and highly addictive drug

    No. It should never even be a consideration of legalizing cocaine. It is highly addictive and has be proven fatal to some of those that have found themselves addicted. It damages the body and takes over everything in a person life. I was one of most addictive street drugs to be manufactured.

  • Why kill our civilians just for money?

    - it will mentally, physically harm an individual
    - it will ruin marriages
    -increase number of users
    - establish needed governmental aid programs that can be avoidable if it is not legalized
    - traffic deaths will rise
    - remember what happened in Great Britain !
    - the Prohibition act is an example of the effects of legalizing dangerous substances

  • No it is a very dangerous drug!

    It's one thing to think that marijuana should be legalized, but a drug that is highly addictive and damaging like cocaine should not be. There have been cases where mothers sell there children just to get money for cocaine, because as the addiction grows you don't care about anything but getting your next hit. Many people stay away from it just because it is illegal. We don't need to introduce such a dangerous drug to more people.

  • It will not make you feel any better or help with your problems,

    Cocaine causes a temporary feeling of euphoria, but after that you feel depressed, shallow, and you can't function. IT IS NOT good for you! I don't care if it stops the cartels or not, by legalizing it you will be putting people in an even worse position, called addiction, depression, poverty (from never being able to buy enough cocaine go satisfy their never ending cravings) and suicide.

  • Are you guys fucking serious?!

    Cocaine is a HIGHLY addictive drug that should never be made legal. It causes families and relationships to be lost and changes people. It leads to death and murder over the substance and has wrecked lives all over the world. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL?!!!! DICKHEADS. Stop being ridiculous. Fucking cunts.

  • Should Cocaine be leigal

    Ask Shrek He knows Everything. There is a house in the rusing sun they call the wait a minnuit I want to Vegas once and I say you little bastards sitting on my park bench now all I want to do is use proper nounes and talk with my mother.

  • Because its bad

    I do not think LSD is bad. Marijuana for medical uses should be legal. Cocaine, Cannabis, Heroin, Meth, Crack, Pot and any other illegal drugs should be banned . What do you think happened to Prince, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Whitney Houston and possibly Amy Winehouse. So it's dangerous

  • Cocaine is addictive and destructive

    This one is kind of a no brainer. Cocaine is not healthy for humans to have in their bodies. These Cornish hens switching positions, auditioning morticians. Saw it in a vision. Ignoring prison. Ignoramuses enlist and sound dumb, found em drowned in cows dung, crowns flung. Rings a tinkerbell; sings for things that's frail as a fingernail. Bring a scale. Stale ginger lingers. Seven figures invigor.

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