• They should get paid

    Some schools get 40 million dollars in football earnings. College athletes have it tougher than pros. They have to balance school and practice schedules. Pros have to do only one of those things. Also, student athletes can't get side jobs for spending money with their schedule. Pros get paid to represent their team and make fame to that team. Why can't college athletes get paid the same way? Also, college coaches get paid on average 15,000 dollars a YEAR for coaching. That's messed up. Finally, everyone knows some people get scholarships, but what about food money if they come from a poor family? That's my opinion.

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  • Yes they should

    Who are the ones shedding blood, sweat, and tears on the field? Who are the ones putting their heart and dedication into the game? Who are the ones practicing for hours, even days at a time? The players. But who receives the paychecks? The coaches. 845 billion. That is the amount the collages made off of sports games last year. Zero. That is how much the players made.

  • Yes they should

    Who are the ones shedding blood, sweat, and tears on the field? Who are the ones putting their heart and dedication into the game? Who are the ones practicing for hours, even days at a time? The players. But who receives the paychecks? The coaches. 845 billion. That is the amount the collages made off of sports games last year. Zero. That is how much the players made.

  • Yes, yes, yes!

    Students should be paid because of their hardwork and time put in. When they arent on the field they are studying hard! Their sport is basically their job, they are focusing on that and homework.. Let alone going to class and the gym. They earn the right to be paid too.

  • Yes they should

    College athletes should be paid to play because they are busting their butts to help give their college a good name on athletics. They go to school full time and they also work and do their sport. So I say yes! They need to get paid for their amazing skills!

  • College athletes should be paid

    If you do think college athletes should be paid at least hear me out. College athletes work just as hard as NFL, NBA, and MLB players and most of them don't get in to the NFL, NBA, and MLB and that is the only shot at getting paid in sports and if you don't know not even 1% of college athletes get into the pro leagues

  • Yes they should went paid

    Collegiate athletes lay it all on the line when they compete. Just like their professional counterparts, they play the game with heart and soul. Why, then, are they not given monetary compensation in return for all the blood, sweat and tears they shed for their school?
    According to “Let’s start paying college athletes” by Joe Nocera of The New York Times, the 15 highest-paid NCAA football coaches made $53.4 million; meanwhile, the 13,877 Division I players made $0.
    I realize that for those coaches, this is their career, and they are not serving double duty as students. But for those players, every practice, scrimmage and game requires an immense amount of time and a significant amount of risk.
    I’m not calling for giving college athletes the ability to sign endorsement contracts and other high-profile financial benefits, but why not at least pay them for playing?
    A large amount of time for a college athlete goes into his or her respective sport, an average of 50 hours a week, according to Nocera. That equates to more than a full-time job, which I’m sure if you asked an athlete, that’s exactly what playing a sport is.
    The argument from the NCAA is that if you start paying the players, it is no longer an amateur sports league, which goes against tradition. They also argue that these athletes are primarily students and, of course, many of them are on an athletic scholarship. So, in a way they’re being paid for their commitment.
    In 2011, Mark Emmert, the president of the NCAA, pushed to allow Division I schools to pay their athletes a $2,000 stipend to help the offset the difference in covering their college tuition. Unfortunately, in the attempt to give these athletes some kind of compensation, it turns out that some colleges claimed they couldn’t afford the stipend, and it was suspended indefinitely at the end of the year.
    Regardless of this attempt to compensate the athletes, it’s by no means what I would call a legitimate attempt.
    Let’s say you are an average college student putting in 30 hours a week at a minimum wage job ($7.70 per hour). That student would make roughly six times that stipend in a year. I think we can all agree that just doesn’t seem fair in any way, shape or form.
    Sure, these athletes are also college students and not professionals, but why not at least pay them a decent wage for the hours they dedicate to these university athletic programs? In their success on the field, the university succeeds as well.

  • College players are hard-working members of a university sports team.

    Sports can be very dangerous, what happens if someone breaks a bone or gets a concussion? How will they pay the hospital bill? Colleges make millions of dollars on sports games, and how much of that do the players receive? Not a single penny. The players are the ones who are bringing in the money. They are the ones who attract the crowds. College athletes spend about 50 hours a week practicing, playing games, and working harder than ever without receiving a paycheck.

    Who are the ones shedding blood, sweat, and tears on the field? Who are the ones putting their heart and dedication into the game? Who are the ones practicing for hours, even days at a time? The players. But who receives the paychecks? The coaches. 845 billion. That is the amount the collages made off of sports games last year. Zero. That is how much the players made.

    Think about it. The colleges are using the players. The players are fooled into thinking that they are getting the better half of the bargain by “letting” them come to the college for free. But they end up working for the college for free. No money received for their backbreaking work. This is completely unfair. The players deserve to be paid.

  • I was against this for so long, until I opened my mind a little bit. Hear what I have to say and maybe you'll agree too...

    Whether you think it's stereotypical or not, many of these college athletes come from poor, inner city backgrounds. Especially for sports like football and basketball. Yes, they are being paid in education, and in many cases, their tuition is being paid either in full or in part, but what about living expenses? A few hundred bucks a month is fair to me to cover the cost of food and living expenses that aren't covered by the school.

  • Yes they should

    Most fans are not in favor of paying players. This is primarily because many still buy into the myth of "amateur athletics." Fans who oppose paying athletes frequently refer to the "free education" student-athletes receive and, indeed, there is some value to what they learn on campus. However, that education is conditioned on their health and success and always comes second to athletics.

    If a student-athlete is hurt or unsuccessful, the coaches and administrators suddenly discard the noble ideals of "education" and a player is left with nothing. Fans would no doubt feel differently about the issue if a student-athlete was in their own family.

    Moreover, no one mentions the lifetime of health care bills that await some student-athletes in contact sports. How can a "free education" compensate them for debilitating injuries caused during their time on campus? And how can we as fans truly enjoy a football game knowing that one player's career-ending injury will leave him saddled with nothing more than a lifetime of pain and doctor's bills?

    [See a collection of political cartoons on the economy.]

    Fans also like to imagine that college sports are somehow simpler and less corrupt than professional sports. Nothing could be further from the truth. College athletics are just as much of a big business as professional sports—it's just that the money goes into the pockets of coaches, athletic directors, conference commissioners and sports media executives. Further, the current system leads to corruption ,as coaches and boosters regularly find ways to circumvent the rules and provide benefits to young athletes.

    It's time for all sports fans to wake up and realize that the current system benefits only the elite few who continue to perpetuate the myth of "amateur athletics." Everyone would benefit from a college athletics system that provides its athletes with better compensation and lifetime health care. If we truly enjoy college athletics and want them to continue, we better start calling for changes now. Because if we continue to throw more and more money into this broken system, it won't be long before the whole thing falls apart and we all lose.

  • No one has money

    The main argument is that they do not have time for jobs. This is extremely true. However, people who have jobs in college or in life do not just have them for fun. Having a job in college is not easy either, and it is not used to go shopping and have fun. Students that have jobs in college use the money to pay for things that student athletes are already provided with like tuition, meals, and books. I strongly support college sports, and have two internships in the athletic department at my school. Neither of these internships are paid. Neither grant tuition. Neither grant me credit. I literally work for my school athletic department for absolutely nothing in return. Not only do I work for free but I directly produce tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for the school as I work in sales. I do not see any of this money either. However no one cares if I get any form of compensation or not. While clearly I am passionate about sports the student athletes do not deserve to be paid as all of their needs are taken care of.

  • No not for spending money

    College players should not be paid to play. If they got a scholarship their school is already paid for saving them a lot of money. If they made the team but only with tryouts not getting a scholarship should get their schooling paid for. All the players should also get paid in food credit but not to were they can just go buy whatever they want.

  • Because they already getting paid

    Their scholarship is enough I think. They also get any other benefits from the school or NCAA. As well they get to prepare for Professional League like NFL and NBA and etc.. They also maintain a good health. But we can't declined the fact that they're not getting enough but i think education is enough

  • They already get an education

    College athletes are already getting paid with their education. They get $20,000-$50,000 per year just for their education alone. They also get gear, meal plans, facilities, travel, and so much more along with it. That is more than the average American makes yearly. So why give them any more money? Many say that cannot go get a job, but their sport is not all year long. There are many seasons where athletes can still go get a job, if they would like. If athletes get paid and are already on a scholarship...Why not pay academic scholarships then? They work hard as well and must keep up with their grades. Also, athletes have an easier chance of going pro, and have no debt to pay off when they leave college. There is no purpose to pay them, when they already get so much already payed for. It was also their choice to play a sport, and they signed up for that commitment. The sport should be an add-on with the free education, not a technical job.

  • Athletes already are paid

    College athletes are already paid through scholarships which are worth between $20-$50,000 per year. That does not even include medical and travel expenses, free gear, top-notch coaching, unlimited use of elite athletic facilities, and a national stage to to audition for a job in the professional ranks. Athletic scholarships cover everything a student athlete needs to survive for four years at a university. Which basically means that college athletes are reimbursed with nearly as much money as the average American makes per year. Each and every athlete will leave their university free of debt. On top of all that, being a college athlete gives athletes a better chance of going pro and being able to further their career.

  • Education is money

    A college education is payment enough. Some say that athlete's need spending cash, but they don't. Scholarships pay for the athlete's education, their rooming, their food. Athlete's could get a job in the off season if they need it but with the education paid for what more is needed? Granted some people need money, and it is hard to get a job with school and sports. But if college athlete's should be paid, what of High school? When will we stop?

  • College Athletes receive plenty of other gratuities.

    In my opinion, college athletes do not deserve to be paid for playing sports. They receive lots of money in scholarships and don't have to pay anything for college. There is no doubt that these athletes do wonders in monetary numbers for their schools, but if they were to be paid, then they would have to pay the kids that walk on to the team as well. I know what you are thinking that, then only pay the kids that you recruited, but then wouldn't that make to university a liability for a lawsuit? I may be wrong but I don't believe that college's would want o be sued for as much money as they get from the athletes on screens.

  • They should only be paid for autographs

    College athletes should not get paid because they will turn college athletes (student-athletes) into professionals. Also, a lot of your big sports pay for the little ones that are free to go to like Cross Country, Volleyball, and swimming. However, I think they should be paid for signing autographs, especially if they are famous.

  • They should definitely be paid.

    College athletes work much harder than the staff, owner, or even head coach. The staff gets millions of dollars. If the athletes weren't performing well, then the staff would get fired, and wouldn't even have a job. A scholarship is a couple thousand dollars but, athletes still need to pay for food. The athletes wake up early for practice and go to bed late for practice, giving them very little time to find a job with schoolwork and homework, and they don't get paid a cent. As you can see, they should get paid.

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