• Yes, they should

    It's not like star NCAA players aren't getting paid as it is, it just isn't spoken of and is a banned procedure. We might as well allow it and recognize the revenue they give their schools, they don't have to be put on some massive salary but they should be in some way compensated in a way that is publicly known.

  • They shouldn't be paid

    Education is the first priority when it comes to college, getting paid to play football in college is like being payed to play an extracurricular sport. Playing football is not your job, your job is to get an education in college. Many college athletes are on scholarships, and for those who are less fortunate they get extra money on top of those scholarships. Lastly, if they do pay college students to play, they would have to cut other sports like track, soccer, tennis etc.

  • College basketball players should not get paid.

    College basketball players should not get paid because they are not workers. They are still students, and they did not agree to the normal conditions of a work environment. They should still be focused on their education rather than making money. In general, college sports should be a lot less commercial.

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