Should college campus security be increased due to more violence in recent years?

  • College campus security should increase.

    Due to the increased about of violence in the recent years, I think security should be increased on college campuses. Whether it be security cameras, actual people, or other things. It would, hopefully, keep people safer. I believe its much better to take the extra precaution, then to wait until something else bad happens.

  • College is a violent place these days.

    I live in southern California, and my head is just spinning at the amount of campus violence that's being reported on the news these days. Rape, attempted kidnapping, robbery, and lots of assault -- not to mention a few murders. These are all things that have become normal occurrences on our local college campuses. More security would be beneficial.

  • yes, if they can

    The budget is going to be stretched,but I think its worth it. I have no clue why these things keep happening, the last thing I ever wanted to do is hurt anyone in school. I guess pressures are just too much and that means more security should be brought on to keep people safe.

  • College campus security is not the issue, people are.

    Violence has increased on college campuses almost directly in line with the reduction in entry level requirements. Those who get worse grades, have less recommendations, or have fewer extra-curricular activities are more prone to violence in High School. We have studies on these matters proving that statement. College is just one year later. Colleges must then decide which is the better fiscal decision. Should they pay more for security, or accept fewer applicants with risk related tendencies.

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