• All students work hard.

    I think we work to hard and we deserve some cash for all the hard work we do over our twelve years. We deserve this because they made us wake up to early just to get yelled at. So in return I think the government should pay us for going to school cause we didn't ask for this torture!

  • Not Paid for Attending

    A college student should not be paid for attending school. If they choose to work at the same time yes they have a right to be paid. If they are not working though they should not be paid simply because they are students. No special privileges should be granted to them.

  • College students should not get paid.

    Attendance within an institute of higher education does not grant the opportunity for free payment. Colleges should however provide affordable, if not FREE, education to its citizens. If our entire social system is dependent on an individual's certification, shouldn't all of our citizens be given the same opportunities to attain such certification? College students should be granted the opportunity to work for their payments like every other citizen.

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