• If possible, it is a humanitarian responsibility to help

    The crisis in Venezuela concerns shortages in such vital resources as food or medicines. Although the crisis was preventable and its nature appears to be tangled up in political struggles, it is the citizens who suffer and the governments of the neighboring countries would do well to lend a helping hand. External support might lead to increased political stability in the region in the long-term, which would be to everybody's benefit.

  • Yes, Columbia should provide aid to the people of Venezuela.

    Yes, it is a good idea for Columbia to provide aid to the people of Venezuela. They are trapped in a repressive regime and are undergoing an economic crisis. The people rely on the ability to import food, and the people need some relief. Columbia is close and is able to provide needed help.

  • Yes, Columbia should be a good neighbor and provide aid to the citizens of Venezuela.

    Yes, being a neighbor and a relatively wealthy nation, Columbia should provide assistance to the people of Venezuela. When one country experiences especially difficult times, it is in everyone's best interest for other nations to help out. Columbia is poised to do so and has the financial strength to help.

  • Yes, a show of solidarity is needed

    Yes, Colombians should provide aide to the citizens of Venezuela. The people of Venezuela are lacking in basic necessities, such as food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, their country cannot provide for them due to plummeting oil prices, and issues with the country's socialist government. Considering how Colombia and Venezuela are neighbors, and that Colombia is experiencing momentary peace following a treaty between rebels and Colombia's government, I believe that it extending a helping hand would improve relations between the two countries.

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