Should Columbus Day be abolished as a national holiday?

  • He is infact able because he is not the person who discovered america

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  • Columbus Committed Acts of Terrorism out of Greed and Hatred

    From the very beginning, Columbus was not on a mission of discovery but of conquest and exploitation—he called his expedition la empresa, the enterprise. When slavery did not pay off, Columbus turned to a tribute system, forcing every Taíno, 14 or older, to fill a hawk’s bell with gold every three months. If successful, they were safe for another three months. If not, Columbus ordered that Taínos be “punished,” by having their hands chopped off, or they were chased down by attack dogs. As the Spanish priest Bartolomé de las Casas wrote, this tribute system was “impossible and intolerable.”

  • Genocide and liar

    Christopher Columbus never actually cared about creating trade routes or interacting or cultures, he just wanted the gold. If they didn't bring him gold, he'd cut their hand. Also, Christopher Columbus wasn't the first one to prove the Earth was round. In 240 B.C., Greek philosopher Eratosthenes calculated it with math. Boo yah.

  • Christopher Columbus was definitely not a hero. He was a villain.

    He and his crew brought awful diseases, such as smallpox, which the people had no defense to, and took millions of lives. This is true, but it was also unintentional and would have happened eventually anyway. His discovery opened the doors to the conquistadors who slaughtered natives by the thousands, but this, too, would likely have happened when someone else would have discovered America. He was a slave trader who heartlessly took men and women away from their families, and not only took the people, but he mercilessly took their land, goods, homes, and gold. Christopher Columbus wanted nothing to do with the natives, until he found out that they had gold, and goods useful for trading.

  • It just should

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  • Not perfect, but critically important

    This effort to eradicate this man from history begins with changing his name from Cristoforo Colombo to Christopher Columbus, and ends with the lies that he introduced slavery to the new world, and practiced genocide. Without his bravery the benefits of Western civilization would be unknown to the American continent. Stand against anti-Italian propaganda.

  • If we abolish then, then we should abolish everything that celebrates more cruel people in history, such as King James the First, Winston Churchill

    The king of Denmark who conquered Greenland in the 19th century, etc. No, I don't believe that we should ban Columbus. It's the same kinda nonsense as trying to ban Hitler. What next? I think it's a double standard. Why can't Germans celebrate Hitler or Italians celebrate Columbus if they please?

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