• Good and Evil or Purpose and Nonpurpose

    Columbus Day focuses on the beginning of the Age of Exploration which shaped History as we know it. Whether or not Columbus was good or bad doesn't change the his action of bridging the gap between the New World and the Old. Without Columbus, modern institutions as they are wouldn't exist and Western Civilization would have taken a different turn.

  • Columbus Is Someone Worth Celebrating

    Many may argue that Columbus doesn't deserve to be celebrated and that he is a killer and rapist but what you call home today is because of Columbus. Columbus wasn't the first person to discover America but he was the one who took action and brought our men here and started a trade going. Many people don't have the courage to start something that big. Columbus changed the world. We can at least celebrate him for one day to honor what he has done for us.
    Gabi Evangellisti
    Edens Period 1

  • If It Weren't For Columbus We Wouldn't Be Here Today

    Of course we should celebrate Columbus Day! We live in great country today. Columbus wasn't the first to discover America but he was the first to start an expedition and help us move here. Columbus was brave and started something huge. Something many people would have never done and for that reason i think Columbus deserves not only some honor and pride but just 1 out of 365 days to just be appreciated.
    - Tanya Drozdov
    Period 1

  • He is a hero

    We wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Columbus. He did what many told him he couldn't. Discover the new world. Yes he made mistakes along the way that he couldn't foresee. Columbus Day will always be a holiday. You can't take away culture and tradition that one man discovered. You can only celebrate it!

  • Of course we should celebrate Columbus day!

    Yes we should celebrate Columbus Day.One can think of many "reasons" to stop celebrating any hoiliday - Mother's Day for example was apparently created by the greeting card industry as an example of crass commercialism.
    Columbus Day represents the discovery of North America by western civilization - while we realize that the continent had previously been discovered by Asians (native Americans) and later by the Norse; North America is a continent formed by the sensibilities of western civilization and we merely seek to commemorate the event.Must everything be a point of contention!

  • Yes!

    Yes we should celebrate Columbus Day. He found the land that we now call home. Until his 1492 journey the home of The United States was unfound to the world. He accomplished a great feat and honestly forever changed the world by proving the Earth was not flat. He took a big chance in sailing, people thought he was nuts for trying to prove this.

  • Started it all !!!!!!!

    Yes he may have done some stuff that is bad like being gritty and supporting slave trade, but he was the one that had the idea in the first place, and if he didn't make the voyage and he didn't leave the comfort of home we might not be here in America. Or it would have taken longer and we wouldn't be as advanced as we are today. The would could have been flat for all we know. Just saying....

    Dominic Owens
    Period 1

  • Yes We Should

    I think Columbus Day should be a holiday because he sparked discoveries for America. Even if he could have treated the natives better. Nobody else would have came over to America unless Columbus. Were they not jealous of the Spanish? Is that not why all the other Europeans went over. Columbus sparked discovery.

  • Yes it should be celebrated

    Even if he wasn't the first person to entirely discover America, he was the one who started the expedition and we wouldn't be here if it weren't for him. Sure he made mistakes along the way but he was the start of something huge, him and his crews discovery led to advances and a better life for people in the long run.
    -Taylor Hartt period1

  • Why should we stop this American tradition?

    It's celebrated like any other annual holiday, such as Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Mother's Day, and so on. Columbus is a very recognizable figure in making the voyage to the American continents. But he wasn't the first person to discover it, since there were Native Americans already inhabiting the continent. He didn't set foot on North America itself but landed on the Bahamas to start his work there. We should continue to celebrate this day for his accomplishments on sea, not for the way he treated the inhabitants on that land.

  • I wrote 5000 words on this guy

    I live in England and I did a very through research on Columbus. Columbus did discover new parts of the world such as parts of South America, however, in many of his letters, Columbus only ever refers to the natives as items of a trade not even has humans, in one account there is someone describing a rape of the natives. Columbus was even responsible for an epidemic of Syphilis which killed many people. Columbus had poor management skills in which on the island of Hispaniola, many of his men were killed due to rebellion from the natives due to mistreatment by his men. Columbus even thought the world was pear shaped. This guy is truly crazy and was driven by the power of greed.

  • An American Hero?

    Christopher Columbus is just plainly not a good man, or sailor. He was terrible to his crew and to the native people of America. His greed and lust for treasure, like all explorers, drove him. American textbooks always make it seem like he was an important man, first to discovery America, first to prove the world isn't flat. For one, by 1492, if you still believed the world was flat, you were considered an idiot. People knew well before the world wasn't flat. The Vikings had already reached America long before Columbus, and to tell you the truth, if he never sailed the ocean blue, someone else would have. Columbus does not deserve a holiday. A weird thing to note, only Christopher Columbus and Martin Luther King Jr. Have American holidays named after them. All others are basic titles, like presidents day, which represents Washington and Lincoln.
    Columbus is basically an overrated American hero people keep trying to make good.

  • I say NO

    Christopher Columbus shouldn't have taken the native americans land ! The Native Americans didn't deserve to be enslaved and be treated the way they did ! Christopher Columbus stole their land , killed them , and worked them to death !! . Columbus faked friendships with the Tiano people just to use them for the land . Columbus did nothing to help the Native Americans . He didn't even discover america the Vikings did but they didn't be gritty they got what they needed and then they left . Columbus didn't do anything but hurt and work those poor native people to the death of them . And he has the nerve THE NERVE !!! To call them Indians without even getting to meet them and finiding out what their real culture is ? WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD STILL WANT TO CELEBRATE COLUMBUS DAY ? Think of it as you were in the poor native peoples shoes ? You wouldn't know how they felt beiing bossed around on their own land something that they found first and he is going to just take it from them and he has the nerve to be called a hero ! Columbus is nothing but a jerk and he doesn't deserve this holiday Columbus day . I rather go to school then celebrate demeaning holiday that nobody should care about .

  • Oops I meant to click yes hahaha sorry

    We all learn how in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, but what we are failed to be told in 1st grade wearing our paper pilgrim hats is that months after he killed and raped the natives, started slavery, and in fact did not discover America. So what exactly are we celebrating? Although the person behind the name is not exactly worth idolizing, Columbus represents a bigger idea than that. Columbus day represents a spread of culture and the begging of the new world we know today. Columbus's personality does not change the fact the he bridged the gap between two worlds and started a universal culture. His name today represents the beginning of the age of exploration, where ideas flourished and curiosity bloomed. I believe Columbus Day should be celebrated, but it should be renamed to exploration day. So we are more clearly and accurately describing what we are celebrating.

  • I do not think we should celebrate Christopher Columbus.

    I do not think that we should celebrate Christopher Columbus because he was not the first to find the Americas. A viking named Leif Ericson founded the Americas 500 years earlier. Columbus and his gang brought disease to the Americas. Causing death and illness from the small pox disease. Small pox originated from live stock. It made the population decrease tragically because of death.

    But some people think otherwise. This person on debate.Org says, “Many may argue that Columbus doesn't deserve to be celebrated and that he is a killer and rapist but what you call home today is because of Columbus.” Which can be true, but Leif Ericson discovered the Americas 500 years prior, so someone other than Christopher Columbus new there was more than just one land out there. Columbus and his gang did bring the Americas livestock and varieties of vegetables and fruit, but he also brought disease and treated the people wrong.

  • No no no

    No. He was a greedy person who didn't treat the Native people as HUMANS, and ordered his men to rape women and set dogs on infants and cut people's hands off. HE WAS TERRIBLE AND COLUMBUC DAY SHOULD NOT BE CELEBRATED. Hilter made an impact; does he get a day of celebration??? I don't think so.

  • He is wierd

    Columbus was a strange many who creepily touched kids and ruined European society Its ridiculous. If I could I would go back and time and Throw him off the santa maria that would show this guy who had the nerve to call people indians when they werent indians he is such a meany and I want him dead

  • The felonies: Rape, Murder, Kidnapping, Theft

    Need I say more? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... ... . .. .. .. .. ... .. ... .. .. ... .. ... . . . . . . . ... . .. . . .

  • Reconsider columbus day

    I don’t think that we should celebrate Columbus day because he didn't discover the united states, Native Americans did. Since he was known and was white he gets the credit for the discovery. Since he came there were good things and bad things like making native americans go on a deadly travel across the country because he didn't want them in the country that they were living in peacefully. The good things that came along with Columbus being her e he started the country as a whole and made it what it is today. The Colombian exchange started all the trading that we have now.

  • Not as cracked up as we believe...

    He has many myths surrounding him that are false. He set out to "measure" the worlds circumference, not to see if it was round or not, he didn't see or set foot in North America (he landed in the Bahamas), and Leif Ericsson was actually in North America, well before Columbus set sail. To add on top of that, he never died a "heroic pauper death" that most of us believe he did. He died in a relatively wealthy state, and it wasn't in chains, which is yet another myth surrounding him. Columbus Day was partly made because of how he is imagined, not based on these facts.

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