• Wireless Router Download Speed Deception

    Since installation, a one person, three device wireless network is consistently sluggish to the point of being detrimental to my small business. Webpages "time out." Sending emails cause Outlook 2016 to stop responding. It doesn't occur all of the time, but conservatively, 20% of the time. Reliability in business is essential. That's what I was promised and that is what I am paying for.......That is NOT what I am receiving. The plan that was purchased was touted by the Comcast Business sale's representative as being "more than enough" for my purposes AND limited future growth capacity (2 or 3 more users). Not true. The guaranteed download speeds that are sufficient are only guaranteed by Comcast Business if a device is plugged into the router with an Ethernet cable. There is no guarantee given for "unplugged" wireless (an oxymoron) download speeds. The purpose of a wireless network is to be wireless. There are no expectations provided for wireless download speeds, even though the subscription service is explicitly marketed as a wireless network solution. Additionally, there is no mechanism in place to resolve this issue other than having a technician test the installed router or be given a bill credit for any inconvenience. Both of these solutions dodge the underlying issue of not being provided the service that was sold to me. If a one person small business can't function with Comcast Business's entry level subscription, under what circumstance does this service provide what is paid for? I account for fluctuations bandwidth traffic, margins of errors for speed diagnostics and even a "fudge factor" from a sales perspective. And, STILL, service is inadequate. What am I missing?

  • Yes, any company that does provide the promised service that you pay for should be held accountable

    Misleading customers through false advertisement and also by not providing the promised services should be considered as deceptive business practice. If I do not get the service that I pay for and am constantly being mislead by the company the by all means they should be held accountable. Comcast did not provide the service that was promised to customers and overcharged them for said "service". They must be held accountable.

  • Yes, if Comcast has indugled in any deceptive business practices.

    All cable and satellite providers have to abide by Federal Trade and Federal Communications Commissions regulations. If one isn't, turn the company in. And while it's annoying, egregious promotion isn't illegal as long as the company honor its claims and stays out of the fine print. As long as big claims and special terms are out in the open, then the company is operating legally.

  • Large companies must spend more to protect public

    Large companies like Comcast make a lot of money from the work of individuals. They should also be held accountable when people mislead customers and potential customers through deceptive business practices. It is not enough for the company to say they were unaware of the actions of some people working for them.

  • Of course they should

    When it comes to deceiving customers, Comcast is that the top of the list. The cable companies have had it far too good for far too long when it comes to treating their customers like garbage. It's about time they actually go to court or at least pay up for their deceptions.

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