• Of course they should

    South Park is one of the shows that turned Comedy Central into a "real" channel instead of one that just replayed old movies. The biting social commentary and familiar characters are ingrained into an entire generation of Americans. The show should continue as long as Matt Stone and Trey Parker are happy with the end result of their hard work.

  • Yes, they should.

    The television show South Park has always been a very controversial show. The show has never been afraid to make jokes and talk about topics that people like to avoid for the sake of being politically correct. In the end, South Park is a comedy show. Its job is to make fun of things.

  • Yes, they should continue to air the show.

    Yes, Comedy Central should continue to air the television show South Park. The show offers political and social commentary on current issues and events in a humorous, and often disturbing way in an effort to start a conversation or mock the ridiculous nature of certain issues. The show is honest and on-topic every season. I would personally be sad if Comedy Central decided to cancel their relationship with the show, and believe it would show that the network is more concerned with censoring content or making it more politically correct.

  • South Park contain offensive dialogues

    In fact, if comedy central job is to entertain children, then South Park needs to be erased. What children need is to understand the world in an interesting way. We can be entertain as well as learning new stuff. So comedy central should not continue to broadcast south park. It is useless and don't entertain children the proper way.

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