Should common core standards be passed in all schools?

  • Come on man

    CC should be adopted because it saves money on tests. Since all
    states that adopt CCSS will use the same standards, they can also share on the development of state tests. Common Core State Standards assessments will cover multiple skills in each question and therefore will increase critical thinking and problem-solving skills. BAM WHAT!!

  • Yes it should

    Maybe every student should be able to meet a certain national standard as opposed to separating standards into states because that way there will be more equity and balance. It should not be right if some students are allowed to pass under lesser standards than others. There should just be one common core standard.

  • for the deapths of education common core standards are necessory

    I think that common core should be standards in all schools because it would ensure that all the education levels are passed at certain age of the students. For example a student has been moved up to sixth grade but can't read or do the math problems correctly then there is something wrong with the way they were thought in their earlier grades. To avoid these kind of problems we need to have comman core.

  • Yes i do!!!

    I fucking want damn Virginia to use good old Common Core instead of fucking fugly SOL!!! DROP SOL NOW VIRGINIA!!! I would love to see Common Core in Virginia! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please teach this in Virginia now please! I'm begging you!! NOW!!! If you reject. Tell me why at Isaacpriusman@gmail.Com

  • Common Core Shock

    The resistance to common core is coming as a shock in academics. The students taking the exams are not used to the academic rigor of Common Core. As the years progress, our students will catch up with the tests, but for now, horror stories of incredibly hard standards will continue to circulate.

  • "Yep every child is the same"(sarcasm)

    Who ever thought that its a good idea to have common core?? The same person who thinks we should take all athletes all geeks all nerds all artists and make them all farmers because america will only live if every child never gets smart and makes something new. Instead of teaching are child something lets just tell them to explain!

  • "Yep every child is the same"(sarcasm)

    Who ever thought that its a good idea to have common core?? The same person who thinks we should take all athletes all geeks all nerds all artists and make them all farmers because america will only live if every child never gets smart and makes something new. Instead of teaching are child something lets just tell them to explain!

  • It is from Barack Obama

    It is a terrible program. It not only offends religious people, it also is too extreme for kids. A boy in NYC used to be the best student in the 2nd grade, but now with the Common Core standards, he has earned lots of D grades and even a couple of F grades. But then, what can you expect from a president like Barack who is for everything that the Bible is against.

  • Coming from a student in New York, IT'S A MESS!

    Currently, as a high school student, the curriculum is disjointed and puts so much unneeded stress on students, parents, and teachers. For example, we are now forced to take a Common Core math exam IN ADDITION TO the original Regents Exam. We waste so much time testing that nothing is really learned in the end.

  • Every child is different,

    As a current 4th year in high school, my little sisters, a 6th grader and 2nd year, are learning things that I'm just learning, or learned last year as a 3rd year. I feel bad, because my little 10 year old sister come running to me every night asking for help, because mommy and aunty, cant help...And I have to sit, and Google how to do math, or what a certain thing means. I live in NY, and have had to take tests that are supposed to gauge how well I can read, or how well I can do math...Well, Lemme tell you, I used to be a honor roll student, now I'm barely passing. Common core is stupid and hurts it's children. AMERICA! STOP THIS STUPID EDUCATION RACE WITH THE OTHER NATIONS! YOUR ONLY HURTING YOUR STUDENTS!

  • It is all in the competition.

    Our nation is competing against the other nations to see who has the best educational results. Common core rises every year in order for the United States to be number one. According to "New York Assembly to Vote On Pushing Back Impact of Common Core Tests" by Paul Riede, Last year, only 31 percent of students statewide passed the new tests in math and English language arts. I believe that they were 50% common core, and I have heard that they will be 100% common core this year, making it harder with probably less passers. The national government believes that students will adapt to these standards and rise with them, but this is not true. Children across the nation are now finding that there are more things to learn in a shorter period of time, resulting in stress and pressure. Also, finding help is not as easy. Older siblings did not have such high standards at the younger siblings age, so they are both learning the same things at the same time. Others might argue that you can contact a teacher, but a teacher is not a machine. They have their own life to tend to, and will not stay there 24 hours a day to see if a child needs some help.

  • Please go away

    Common core leave and dont ever return. Your hurting so many people. Everyone i now are getting held beck and they use to be on A and B honor role. Its so hard for me to understand things that we were suppose to be learning in 9th grd. I dont understand what we need common core for all its doing is makoig use even more cofused. To texas and the other states that dont have common core , let this be a message; stay strong and dont get it because if you wont your kids to pass its the only way!

  • Carissa Li / Common core will go down!

    We and my fellow students here (Bergman) do not think we need common core. Common core is pushing us all behind. Half the kids in my old school (Hackler) use to be a A or B student now there a C or D. Even mothers i know in college are pushed so behing because of common core, it gets them so mad that they cant help there kids, because there just learning it !!!!

  • What I beleive

    As a student I have trouble finding a good side on having common core. I beleive that it makes school harder for people who already don't do well. I didn't want to come to school this year before the year even startred because of common core. I beleive that we don't need common core

  • Common core is making teaching unessecarily complicated

    All common core is doing is hindering learning and causing unessecarily stress.It makes learning way more complicated and confusing than they need to be.Its adding a bunch of unessecary steps over and over again.It isn't even math.Common core is an agenda to dumb down kids for more control.No to common core.

  • NO why would we need it.

    Why would you need to learn like 7 different ways to do one problem when you can just do the way that you can do but if you don't do the way they want it you get it wrong like really it is very retarded cuz you get the answer right you just didn't do it the way they wanted us to do.

  • Common Core is Terrible

    First of all, in grades K-4 kids are supposed to add, subtract, multiply, and divide without using actual math. The Common Core math standards for first grade states, “Students are to use addition and subtraction within 20 to solve word problems...By using objects and drawings.” This means that the students are supposed to draw out their math and are marked down if they do not show a drawing. In 4th grade instead of doing math such as 90 divided by 18 equals 5 they are told to answer this question by drawing out 18 circles, and then drawing 90 hash marks distributed evenly between those 18 circles to fing 5 hash marks in each circle. This method turns a simple math problem into a one hundred eight step procedure.
    With all these new standards and methods, students are subject to much more standardized tests. Because of how in depth and frequent these standards are, students are supposed to take more standardized tests to make sure they are on track. These tests put immense amounts of stress on young students and their teachers, just so the government can collect data on the students. As Jim Crawford has stated in a letter submitted to the New York Times, “With standards come tests; with more standards, more tests.” Since these standards are mainly for the lower grades, students who can barely read take high pressure, high stakes tests.
    Another reason Common Core is bad is because the math standards are now lower than previous standards. The Main Common Core website states that the standards were developed by top professors, which is true; however, the website failed to state if those professors approved of the standards. In fact the only math professor involved in creating the standards, Professor James Milgram of Stanford University, refused to approve when he saw the standard’s inferior math requirements, he predicts that because of the standards, America’s students will be at least 2 years behind European and Asian students. He wasn’t the only teacher to disapprove, according to an Education Next poll, teacher approval of the standards dropped from 76% in 2013 to 46% in 2014, meaning that over half of the teachers teaching Common Core disapprove of the standards.
    Common Core supporters claim that the math standards will be able to help students better understand how and why simple math works. In contrast, most people agree that these new methods just require students to do much more work and take much more time to do simple math.
    In conclusion, the Common Core standards that have been adopted by most of the United States should not used and only decrease the previous high standards that this country once had.

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