• If those who live in it, are those who support it.

    Providing it is not a dictatorship, then absolutely. Communism has failed because most of it was just a dictatorship. But the people who lead it must be doing the best for their country. Communism if it is not allowed, then there will just be human greed. Just give it one last try without dictatorship and if it still does not work, then there is something in it that must be changed.

  • Communism isn't what it used to be.

    If this is communism in a Marxist context, communism should be, for the most part, ethically endorsed. Equality, freedom of speech and a non-intrusive state are all aspects of this ideology. Many of the Cold War scare are convinced communism is the totalitarian state seen in Eastern Europe, but few have taken the time to look at both sides. Communism was riddled with corruption, that's why it failed. It is interesting that many in the 'no' column are describing freedom of speech and universal rights, which is exactly what communism endorses.

  • Communism groups have no rules and do not accept the social rules and regulations.

    mester race dominating the world. Socialism and communism support a more peaceful ideology in which the idea of race and nations do not exist. This is done to have a more peaceful environmet and so all people of Earth, no matter what cultures, ethnicities, or religions they come from can live in harmony together and to live in community. Thus, the meaning of Communism. Hitler didnt promote that view. He even had his regime burn any books that supported such an idea, for exaple, communist or socialist books. He also launched a campaign for not only his military, but for his people, to show mass hatred towards the people Hitler hated, especially, the Jews. Overall, I dont believe Hitler was really socialist. His actions sure did not show that. Good argument though.

  • Yup we should

    Stalin wasn't that bad guys c'mon. He wasn't as bad as Hitler. Hitler killed other nations people. He also had to use synthetic oil. But Stalin, man oh man he was good. When he had kids shot for taking rice from passing trucks. If that isn't worthy of Prime Minister status I really dont know about this whole democracy thing.

  • No, of course not.

    Communism killed millions and destroyed the souls of millions more. It created ecological disasters in the former Soviet Union and other places. Communism only sounds good in coffee shops and college classrooms that are frequented by the young and naive. It's as ridiculous as saying let's give Nazism another chance. Dust off Orwell's 1984 and reread it.

  • Communism: Good on Paper, Horrific in Reality

    Communism does not work because of fundamental values and the nature of humankind to sometimes be corrupt, power hungry, and outright lazy. Communism usually can become authoritarian or worse in some circumstances. An authoritarian example is China and how they block off social media and control the press. This censorship proves how communism can turn into a malicious, power hungry, dictatorship.

  • Communism is ABUSE!!!

    Communism shouldn't be given another chance. It has failed before. Why try again? Under the rule of communism everyones freedom and rights are taken away. Do you really want to be a slave? America is not communistic for a reason! America is Land Of the Free not Land of The Slaves!

  • No it shouldn't

    Communism should not be given another chance. Communism has failed in every country that has tried it and would not be able to succeed. Making everyone equal and to share the wealth doesn't help it makes the country fall apart. Under communism rule everyone's freedom and rights are taken away from them. It isn't the best ruling system for a country.

  • No I don't think Communism should be given another chance

    It is a bad idea allowing few people to dictate everyone's choices does not work now and never did work. We need to go back to what we were supposed to be, a Republic, not a Democracy, not Communist or Socialist, but a society where EVERYONE'S rights are protected majority or minority alike. That is the best choice for society. So no Communism shouldn't be given another chance, a Republic society should be.

  • Too much failure, too much death.

    Communism is a philosophy that simply doesn't work. It's possible to argue that Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and other brutal dictators who called themselves "Communist" were not truly following Communist beliefs, but I think this is a flimsy excuse; the fact is, if so many people have tried to be Communist and have ended up a brutal dictator, then brutal dictatorship has to be accepted as the usual outcome of attempting to be Communist. And for that reason, it's not a belief system that should be given another chance.

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