• Yes, Why not?

    They should all be burned alive no matter what. They are a disease and dont deserve life. However, they should be tortured as much as possibly before being burned alive. Their toture and death should be recorded with a HD camera and must be shown to the whole world to make sure no one else even thinks of becoming a communist any time soon.

  • No... Come on now

    What... Do you want to kill and enslave anyone who has a difference in opinion? You are the communist if you believe that.

    Please allow different views and lifestyles without needing to silence them. If everyone understood that, communists and libertarians could live side by side, and whoever has the best system is where people would want to move and live at.

  • Duh how ignorant.

    What an idiot question that is so stupid it doesn't deserve an answer. People should never be tortured and killed. Communists? What, are you friggin five? Why should anyone be tortured or killed for political beliefs? Why would anyone even ask such an ignorant stupid and brainless friggin question. Christ!

  • No they should not...

    Nobody should be tortured, period.

    Communists should be executed if they have committed, and been judged guilty of, a capital offense by a competent authority--just like non-Communists. Simply adhering to Communism as an economic idea is not a crime, let alone a capital crime. It's a stupid idea, but so is creationism, and we don't kill people for believing in that.

  • Communists should not be executed and tortured.

    In a free country, you are allowed to believe in any ideology you chose. Even if it is unpopular, you have a right to believe in it and to identify as a member of a political party. Although Communism is not popular and it doesn't work, people have a right to belive in it in peace.

  • Love not judge

    Hmm... Should communists be executed? Communism is a theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members. Communists, who follow this system, believe in what is says and supports. They shouldn't be executed for their beliefs. If that were the case, then should Christians be executed for not supporting homosexuality?

  • No, Communists should not be executed and tortured.

    This is a horrible question. Anyone who asks this clearly doesn't have a stable state of mind. It's an absurd question. People who are Communist want to live that way. They have pride in themselves for not falling to other economic types. What if a Communist came up to a Capitalist and asked, "Do you think your kind should be executed and tortured?" It's unfair. Not everyone has to agree on economics.

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