• All of you are being extra af

    Fast food companies need to advertise to children because they don' understand the risks and dangers involved in consuming their food. If you can pull in customers at a young age then you will have them for life. How many commercials do you see advertising things to elderly people? Not many. The truth is kids are gullible and if they want something they see on television they will nag to their parents until they buy it for them. It is a smart business strategy to target young kids, since they will continue to use the advertised product for many years to come.

  • Yes, children are the best target

    Although children would be oppressed by so, and that will promote unhealthiness in the world, but in business what is most important is to make money. To make money we need to work smart and target the youth as they semi-control the parents with the nagging they do which affects the outcome by the food being consumed.

  • Un-Common Sense Needed

    I think companies have to market their products to children in order to generate excitement and interest in the product. It is always the parents' role to determine whether a particular product is suitable for their children. They are the gatekeepers. One side wants to sell the kids everything, the kids just want, and the parents decide what is appropriate.

  • Some companies have to market to children.

    Some companies, such as toy makers, have to market to children because children are their primary demographic. When it comes to those types of products, parents generally want to please children with what they purchase and, therefore, take cues from their children based on the level of interest they express in certain products.

  • Companies should be allowed to market to children

    Some products are meant for children. These products must be marketed, and it only makes sense that they be marketed to the tended consumer group. It's a simple argument, but you don't see adult products marketed to children, you shouldn't see child products marketed to adults. Logically, economically and psychologically speaking, it doesn't make sense.

  • Parents, Not Companies, Are the Control Mechanism in the Marketing Equation

    Companies in a free market system should be allowed to market to children as much as they want. Parents are the ones who should control what is bought for their kids based upon consumer spending, amount of debt, common sense and personal family finances. Clearly companies shouldn't market cigarettes to children. But toys, food, cereal, and even cell phones should be marketed towards children because they are consumers too.

  • Yes

    Marketing to children is vital for businesses that sell products designed for children. Parents are too caught up in their day to day lives to do research on what kind of gifts to get their children. It is much easier for a child to see something they will like, and then approach their parent about it. There is, of course, an exception regarding products harmful to children. There should be limited or no advertisement for foods that could prove harmful to small children. Also sly marketing regarding cigarettes or alcohol or pornography to children is of course wrong.

  • Sure

    In my opinion children are some of the most compulsive buyers. If companies advertised their products a little child oriented they will gain the interest in the kids and the parents. Reaching the whole family and putting it on the companies side it's a great way of increasing sales and gaining new little customers.

  • Yes, children are consumers

    There is really no way around companies marketing to children. They market to children because their parents have money to spend on them. Obviously, excessively marketing things to children to get their parents to waste money is pretty immoral, but in a society like ours it's perfectly fair game. It's up to the parents to have some backbone in their spending.

  • Markters should not market to kids or teens

    Mant teens and kids do not know what money means in the real world
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  • Kids do not understand the power of the economy so whats the point?

    If an ad is directed for a kid audience only, then how do you expect the child him/herself to buy it? Children do not have the same kind of freedom that adults do to buy their own items at will. It would be more ethical if kids made their own money.

  • Not mature enough

    Kids aren't mature enough to make the right choice. I'm a kid myself and whenever I buy some toy or something I open it, play with it for 5 minutes, then shove it in the closet. Kids don't know about making money in life, but once they do, they'll know.

  • This adds too much pressure for the children and adults of these children.

    Yes, toy companies make money off marketing to children. However, moat children don't have the say if they should buy it or not because they're too young to get a job and work on their own for money. They could just ask their parents for money. In addition, this is called pressure when adults have a lot of power and work to do while raising their youngsters. Adults have to make the important choices if they want their children to go out buying stuff from companies that advertise to kids. Kids are still learning abut life and adds pressure to them with to much excitement when money in their hands. They still need a chance to get their minds right before entering the real world. The needs and survival are more important than wants for these children and the adults should be the people companies market to instead of their young. Children can have the power to observe what the companies are offering to them but they should know its up to the adults too. But, they say its totally good to advertise and market to the children not knowing its just all about the money and excitement.

  • It is immoral!

    It is immoral and unfair to market directly to children. Kids aren't developed or mature enough to understand the implications of the products that are being pushed on them, and are therefor at an inherent disadvantage when it comes to being taken advantage of by the corporations who are just looking for profits - not what is in the child's best interests.

  • The socioenvironmental impact from marketing to children is perilous.

    We don't allow children under 12 to sign legal documents or make legally binding decisions due to their incapacity of body and mind at that stage in their maturity. Their inability to grasp the complex socioenvironmental and socioeconomic ramifications of their decisions is very important to understand. It is well known that marketing agencies focused on this demographic spend large percentages of their marketing budgets on the academic psychological knowledge base in order to focus their marketing in a more immersive way. It doesn't take a paranoid person to consider this a form of "brain-washing". The majority of parents out there don't have the tools or knowledge available to them to undermine this intrusion into their children's mind. It is well known to the community of marketers who cater to this demographic that what they are actually doing is winning the hearts and minds of a future consumer base by installing certain mind sets into the child while their minds are still in a state of maturation. This is a form of hijacking. It should not be allowed under any circumstances in our society.

  • They are to young to understand what they need and they just focus on what they want or is cool.

    The parents want for there children to have nice things but they hate spending money on things what they don't need and is to expensive. The companies are just aiming towards them to get the parents to buy that product. Here the kids are screaming to their parents that they want this but here the parents are wanting to please the over price. The struggle to get people to buy things I understand but when it is towards kids it's not cool.

  • They are to young

    They are to young and dont know what is right or wrong till they are at least 16 years of age im just saying and that is what educated people say.Like scientist and teachers.And i am glad my mom made some of the decisons in my childhood.And if i would have made the decisons i would have been in a bad place

  • Hwo is being influenced

    Adults barely know where companies gain inforamtion to market and manipulate sales, so how is marketing to children (whom do not have buying power) fair? When we talk about letting our kids decide what kind of toys to play with, yes they should have an opinion. But what about where families vaction or go to dinner? Should companies use children to win over parents? Parents have the choice, but what choice do you have when your kid is targeted and thats all the parent now hears about- where is the education in that

  • Children want everything that they see on tv, ever things they really dont need.

    Children want everything that they see on tv, ever things they really dont need. Some families can not afford many extras and telling thier child no may be stressful. My cousin is a twenty five year old single mother to a three year old and everytime we watch tv her daughter yells I want that.

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