Should companies that use child labor be banned?

Asked by: drsyjeon
  • Ban it completely

    This should be child abuse and I'm happy to be in America. Let them be! There children for crying out loud! This is the same as slavery BUT FOR CHILDREN! How could people be so heartless? This should be illegal in every place! Poor children. Let them be in school!

  • Child Labor should be banned!

    The children miss their chance at having a childhood and an education. By working, kids are forced out of school to go to work and miss a chance at socializing as well. How would you like it if you didn't have friends? Would you be where you are right now?

  • Being independent .....

    When a child works at a company,or any where he learns to be independent and also learns how to earn so that in his old age he is not depended on someone fro food, money or shelter. When these children grew up most of them live a happy and secure life

  • Child labor should be a punishable offense.

    When children are forced to work by traffickers in India most of them are abused. These children which may be abandoned by parents are illiterate and do not know that child labour is wrong. Hence,they won't complain. When a child it's forced to work when they want to enjoy education, their right to freedom and education is being snatched away. Children are supposed to study not work for money. I myself am a child of age 13 and I can't imagine myself in the shoes of a child who is forced to work.

  • They have the right to get themselves educated

    Children should go to the school, instead of workshops or other areas and this is their age of playing. By sending small children to the working place literally kills the future of a society. So in most cases we are killing our future. They can earn more money when they will be educated than when they are going to the workshops in their childhood.

  • Children belong in school

    People deserve to be treated better than this. Kids are taken from their schools and their families to make you a new pair of shoes. These kids are locked in the building and made to work for hours on end. They are paid pennies to produce items being sold for over a $100.00. These are children not robots! Build machines to make your products and let our children go to school and learn. Any one with half a brain and a heart knows this is wrong. Lets come together to stop this.

  • Children's place is at school!

    If they are at work in their early age means that someone is subjugating them. How can an uneducated person fight for his rights if he does not know any? Politicians like this. Ignorants cannot defend themselves. The more ignorant a citicen is the better to fool him. Come on!

  • It's just wrong

    They should be banned because it's wrong. Children that work are abused in most cases, they are mistreated and expected to do as much work as a normal person, Children should be our future, we should teach them the way and let them lead us, not threat them as mindless labor slaves and say "where is this world going to" when this generation is what ruined the way for our kids

  • Economic Advancement of the country

    The first direct benefit if the govt bans all child labour employing companies will be education.....For the money that they initially used i salary payments, etc could not be spent for their education instead...
    And with education comes the economic transformation of the country....The big leap from a status of "developing country" to the status of "a developed country" .

  • I completely agree

    Not only child labour but human trafficking, overexertion and/or abuse should be banned as well. While these are generally ubiquitous in second to third world countries, it doesn't mean that the rest of the world isn't entitled to interfere in the matter. If we're going to act as if we live in an equal world, them we might as well make it seem like it.

  • It depends on the definition of child labor.

    If the children are in safe working conditions and are getting paid proper wages and are not coerced into anything, then the company should not be banned for SOLELY employing children. Some people might say that children belong in school but that is a western propriety and we should not force our standards on other cultures. And it is really unhealthy to sit in a classroom 9 hours a day when you should be active. And then children who are unfocused and hyperactive are labeled as "abnormal" and "needing medication" when they are really the normal children.

  • Child labor is a necessary evil

    The alternative for families that hire out their children is not a western, middle-class standard of living. The alternative, rather, is simply one less source of income. Labor productivity, or equivalently wages, depends in large part on external conditions like the cost of capital, technology, and infrastructure. Nations where child labor is common do not have the same access to capital, technology, or infrastructure that those of us who are lucky enough to live in the west have. While it would be nice if third-world workers were productive enough to afford a lifestyle where their children do not have to work, we simply do not live in such a world. A statutory, or even voluntary de facto "ban" on the indirect use of child labor will only harm, not help, developing countries.

  • Then all companies will be banned

    Child labour accounts for 32% of the labor force in Africa, predominantly in mining of minerals essential to modern technologies - from Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc to Uranium, etc.

    22% of Asia's labor force are children predominantly in fashion and textiles.

    Everything you touch with exception of Agriculture in North America and Europe, are tainted with child labour.

    The proposal to ban is exactly why this is met with resistance since almost everyone is complicit.
    Even for companies that are sincere in eradicating child labour in their supply are hesistant due to the broad implications of such action.

    The solution is transparency, certification and hefty tarrif penalties for those that are not yet certified, and complete trade restrictions for those that are found guilty, and those that fail to meet certification deadlines.

    Posted by: DT
  • No they should not be banned.

    If the children are in unsafe working conditions or are being enslaved then that company should be shut down. Child labor is the only source of income for these families and eliminating that will force children to work in prostitution, and other more dangerous jobs. And depending on the definition of "child labor," it may not necessarily promote illiteracy. If the children know the basics, such as how to read and write, and basic math (addition, subtraction, basic multiplication, basic division), then why should we force people to adapt a lifestyle of western schooling till 18 and then college.

  • Being independent .....

    When a child works at a company,or any where he learns to be independent and also learns how to earn so that in his old age he is not depended on someone fro food, money or shelter. When these children grew up most of them live a happy and secure life

  • Companies that use child labor can actually sometimes improve the quality of that childs life

    There are some unfortunate realities on planet Earth. I do not think any child under the age of 14 should have to do manual labor. However, in many of the impoverished countries where child labor exists it isn't forced upon the child. These kids are literally taken in off the streets and offered a chance at food, water, and a bed to sleep in. Unfortunately, until we can rid the world or hunger, it's all some of these children have.

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Anonymous says2013-08-02T16:10:59.080
This question isn't very specific because who would have the authority to close these companies?