Should competitive sports be banned from public schools?

Asked by: Karma_100610
  • More education for the brain to work properly

    Children get hurt from these type of sports the consequences mostly involve concussions and injuries most parents like their kids playing in sports at schools for health causes but don't you think kids need more education instead of playing sports 24/7.Yes, sports are for a good cause but don't you think that education would be better for children more education means more good grades schools are meant for education to learn and do great things like modeling or engineering or wood works or even doctor philosophy schools are meant for education not competitive sports.

  • Banning competitive sports from any school is not good.

    Competitive sports has always been part of a school curriculum, even though they often take place after school hours. Many kids get into competitive school sports in order to get more confidence, stay in shape, and for enjoyment. Depriving kids of the right to be in competitive sports is not right. Ever heard the expression "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"? That applies here...Perfectly.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Competitive sports shouldn't be banned from any school

    Competitive sports shouldn't be banned from any school because some children may be talented in sport and not that much in studies , when they grow up they might be destined to play sport for a national team. So sport in their school will be a lot of help for them.

  • No, it should't be

    Competitive sports gives the winning spirits that leads to a chance to be leader in the sports activities. It take out the inner capabilities of the ones to its full strength and show the spirit of solidarity in a team. To maintain a good team it is tough task and team members learn how to adjust, a coordination, and fighting for the one aim i.e. to win only. A team with good coordination with team spirit may even can chase the impossible move to possible win. Thus if taking a competition in positive way, entire members of the team learns overall development in the sports activities and find a team unite. It also gives the chance to identify the weakness as team & to over come with it, which may built a stronger team.

  • Obsolete ways of thinking

    Competitiveness is a necessary skills of every individual in every backgrounds or walks of life, and improving this through participating sporting competitions considered as the most prominent way. They can be educated at school, but raising physical strength have to be done by playing sports. In additionally, students typically attending in the class because they can play sport with friends at break time. So, abolishing these sport, finally, would as well as destroy their incentive which brings them to school.

  • Its a bad things for kids to grow up shelled

    If a kid grows up in school only going for education, imagine the consequences. When the time comes for them to finally do something physical, they would be really out of shape and wouldn't be able to play properly. If sports were banned right now, everyone would get extremely bored and would learn less.

  • This is idiocy

    To start off completely anecdotal, many students may take a higher interest in school simply so they can play sports, seeing as many schools require student athletes to maintain decent grades. In addition, students that make it to professional leagues reap large amounts of tax dollars for the government to spend. This argument against it sounds completely fabricated by some loser who was too nonathletic to play sports, grow up and let kids have their fun you fat loser XD

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