• computers should replace teachers

    Children are often distracted by what the teacher is wearing, saying, or doing. The teachers get frustrated because while they are trying to teach, the children are distracted and cannot concentrate.
    If computers replace teachers, the kids will be able to concentrate more because they have no distractions, unlike the teachers.

    When teachers teach, it can contain false information or personal opinions, but computers do not make any errors and it is accurate.
    Using computers is way more efficient and it saves a lot of time. i.e. typing is way faster and neat than writing

  • I am on my schools debating team and we are the affirmative this debate. We need help. Please give me some good statistics and arguments.

    A teacher must attend 4 years of university to become a qualified teacher, you can program computers in less a week!!!

    It would be cheaper and easier to buy computers then find, interview, view files, employ and pay a teacher!!!!!!!

    Computers can't get offended if a child is rude or mean or if a parent complains rudely!!!

  • Computer fever rocks

    Some student's don't learn well in classroom ,they distracted far too easily or cannot learn fast enough, So computer software help here as students can work at their own pace.
    When teachers teach, it can contain some false information, but computer do not make any error and are accurate.Using computer saves a lot of time. Computer provides us more information than teacher.

  • Deal with it

    Children are often distracted by what the teacher is wearing, saying, or doing. The teachers get frustrated because while they are trying to teach, the children are distracted and cannot concentrate.
    If computers replace teachers, the kids will be able to concentrate more because they have no distractions, unlike the teachers.

  • Yes they should

    Teachers should be replaced by computers because computers are smarter and we don't have to pay them. Also, when schools don't have to pay for teachers we can focus on other things like cafeteria food and how we can improve it and make our school a better place. The end!

  • I say yes because

    That is because teachers do not know everything. For example, if I ask my teacher how many people are living in this world she would say I don't now, and if you search up on the Internet how many people live in the world it would say the answer right away.

  • Ask yourselves can we live without computers?

    As a student I easily get distracted in class in computer lab I lose my self in studying in different ways. Computers have the ability to teach as well as examine pupils in fun ways through games online fun quizzes etc students also get clear explanation through certain sites. The thing that bores me most is writing notes while in the computer I can have fun tipping what I have learnt what more how many of us get bored sifting in class listening to teachers explain while we could easily learn without wasting time on computers?

  • Why can't they?

    It is unavoidable that some day teachers will be replaced so you should live with the fact, and get used to dealing with technology. A computer may not have feelings, however a computer won't get migraines from noise or bad moods so a computer would be the superior form of education.

  • Not make any mistake.

    Computer can replace the teacher beacuse it do not make any mistake . The child go to school then that much time is wasted . In the class student wast the time by doing many comment and making fun of the teacher . Computer can not do partiality between the student . Some time student comment on teacher wearing and make fun and do not concentrates on their study but if they study by the computer their is no one to whom they would comment.

  • People Are Better Then PCs!

    We Cannot Allow Teachers To Be Replaced By Computers! Here Are My Reasons . Reason 1 : Teachers Understand The Children Better Than Computers Because They Know How Hard School Is And Computers Don't Even Have FEELINGS And So They Don't Understand How Difficult A Problem Might BE!
    Reason 2 :The Computer Might Be Asked A Question It Does not Understand , Such As 2 Divided By 8 , And Malfunction.
    Reason 3 : The Computer Does Not Know If The Kids Are Misbehaving , Thus Allowing The Kids To Goof Around And Not Learn Discipline !
    Reason 4 :

  • No one can take the place of a teacher !!!!!!!1

    Teachers are way more interactive than a computer. They know much more than a computer in emotions and feelings , a computer may have the knowledge of the world but it does not even have a clue of what are feelings and emotions.......
    Teacher is a statue of emotions and feeling....

  • Computers are machines

    People should never trust machines like a computer, because what happens if children are being really silly around the class room they won't know, they don't have brains? Also what happens if the computer went flat, or if there was a black out the children wouldn't know what to do.

  • Computers could never replace teachers.

    A computer would not be able to provide discipline, safety or care for a child. Computers cannot keep our children safe. Sitting our children in front of a computer to learn all that they need to know will take away critical human interaction which our children need. Computers should be used as a learning tool, not as a teacher.

  • Never

    As a teacher, I can say that absolutely, computers play a pivotal role in education today, and will become even more important in the future. They will never, however, be able to replace a professional, caring, devoted teacher. Human teachers can use creativity and humor to enhance lessons and make the unwilling change their attitudes. A computer could never help a student feel better, or listen to their problems, or provide encouragement.

  • Computers are great

    Computers are brilliant for almost everything and learning is one of them as a student myself i would love to get taught by a computer but that is very short sighted of me as if i get stuck or am confused about something a computer is not here to help. Another major part of school is bullying. A teacher is sympathetic and will help a computer would show no sympathy and wouldn't be able to help the student.

    Using computers for languages projects or homework assignments is great but if anyone believes they could replace teachers either don't care about their children or are very short sighted

  • Teachers are the best!!!!!

    They teach us manners ,discipline , which computer cannot teach us. Computer cannot tort us we are doing bad things because computer is a machine , whereas A teacher can teach us lessons practically. Thus teachers are best and we should respect our teachers and no machine can replace it.

  • What about emotions?

    I do not think computers should replace teachers. Yes, computers may know more than teachers and not make errors. But teachers know how to handle emotions. Teachers can motivate you! Children will not know how to interact with one another anymore. There is also downsides to this. When someone is teaching you can get nervous when the ask you a question, but when you are facing a screen there is no fear. Still my answer remains NO! -written my a 12 year old :P

  • Highly impossible because..........???

    First thing is that there won't be face to face contact . Next is online teaching can't be compared to the knowledge and life experiences that a teacher brings into the class room . Teachers are more interactive than a computer . Teachers use both formal and informal assessments to determine where the students has mastered the concept .

  • Teachers should not be replaced by computers

    Yes, I agree that teacher are to teach us and not to be replaced from computers. So, teachers should not be replaced from computers.I love my teachers a lot and a lot.I love them because they teach us they love us so, we should also love them a lot. This is my agreement!

  • Teachers are great

    I think teachers are way better than computers. Firstly because you can't communicate with a computer, and you can communicate with a teacher. Secondly teachers have emotions, and teachers are also way more experienced. Teachers also know a lot, so you don't really need a computer. Teachers are so banter!

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Anonymous says2013-02-27T14:02:37.200
i think this website and people have a point i don't want computers to replace teachers either