• Computers should take over teachers

    They are more intelligent and its a fun way to interact with technology. Also computers live longer than humans and if there was a blackout school would be out laugh out loud.Computers don't submit feeling example they don't get angry they maintain the same feeling every single day on forever.

  • Yes, due to all these reasons below lllllllllllllllll vvvvvvvvv

    I have never heard of a child getting distracted by what the teacher is wearing. Never, even though a child can get distracted on different sites on the computer. Most schools can monitor whatever they are doing so if they are looking at the wrong thing in class, they can report to the teacher or the parent.

    Also the computer knows SO much more than the teacher also computers are always updated with the current affairs which the teacher is not always. Also, online textbooks can be updated straight away. If there is newer version of a textbook the computer will update itself straight away and free of charge teachers can’t they might have to go away to an expensive course to get all the new teaching requirements.

    And even though computers these days can be quite expensive, in the long run it is usually cheaper because all the software is automatically and it is cheaper than employing teachers. And lastly kids these days just generally like computers better.

    Therefore due to all these reasons we should replace teachers with computers.

  • Technology is the new face of education

    Kids love technology and computers can change lessons into game form to interact kids more. Plus, it would be way less time consuming to program a computer than to find, screen, employ, and pay teachers. Also, a teacher has to attend four years of university and a computer can be programmed in less than a week. This makes graduation an earlier date, therefore getting more people with jobs at an earlier age, making the success rate higher.

  • Computers should replace for the teachers

    The computer is a really clever gadget. It knows almost everything. The teachers couldn't know when did everything happened. They don't have every single time line in the head and it is not that they know every single thing! So this is why I think the computers should replace for the teachers.

  • Computers should definitely replace teachers

    Using computers firstly allows students to work at their own pace rather than the average pace, allowing those behind to catch up and those ahead to excel.
    Computers also eliminate many of the negative personal feelings associated with teachers- embarrassment, distraction, labeling, and other issues that may cause serious long term implications on students.

  • Computers should replace teachers.

    I think computers should replace teachers because they are a better resource. You can find way more learning techniques instead of learning one way that the teacher can do. I think we should still go to school to do this because some kids will not use the computer for a learning resource and they will use it as an object to play games on. Another reason we should still go to school is so that the teachers can monitor what websites the students can be allowed on. Teachers can not help every student on different things at the same time, so we need computers for each child.

  • Should computers replace teachers

    Should computers replace teachers? Yes I definitely believe that computers should replace teachers and by the end of this exposition, I hope I will have convinced you that teachers are old and computers are gold.

    Today I will be telling you why computers should replace teachers one of the reasons that computers should replace teachers is that teachers can’t do a lots a things computers do like type on a document and teachers can’t hold too much information ,on a computer you can save notes on tabs it is so simple.That is why I say teachers are and old computers are gold.

    Secondly by the generations computers have improved so much that they are now waterproof , it state on debate.Org that computer have a change to replace teachers as they servad 100 people and 62% of the people sad they want computers to replace teachers and the reast said no and why the way most teachers use computers to make exctiting actives for their students so that is why I say teachers are old and computers are gold.

    So I hope I have absolutely convinced you that computers are gold and teachers are old.

  • Yes they should because

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  • Honestly Confused Here

    Who actually thinks that this is a good idea? It's like someone watched Terminator and said "Hey, that Skynet sounds awesome. Let's make it." Or, beyond that, it's like someone never paid attention to school, or the education system.

    Teachers are professionals. They have advanced degrees almost as a matter of course now, and have been rigorously trained to observe students, track class performance, interact in a manner suited to each student, and customize their teaching to facts on the ground.

    A computer cannot do that. I'm sure if we had Star Trek computers, and the holodeck, we could have a computer do it. But the fact is, a computer cannot craft a lesson plan. A computer cannot customize what it teaches to a student. A computer cannot give personal attention. A computer cannot recognize you without a username and password attached to you, it cannot empathize with you, and it cannot inspire you.

    If you want to complain that teachers don't have the ability to help enough students, then you need to work for lower class sizes or better facilities. Not try to demand a system that is worse in every possible way.

  • No they should not

    They might end up burning up or they might attack or get broken or get errors
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  • Teachers are better with teaching

    I say this because teachers can explain to you if you don't understand. And can computers do that? Of course not. The computer could only tell how to do the lesson step by step. They can not explain if you do not understand. And the computer can not teach you to behave

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    Should Computers Replace Teachers?

    Should computers replace teachers? Should they, hello I am asking you? O my thank you, did you just, ask me for my opinion? What a kind reader! Okay, well if you were asking for my opinion I would say that the computers should absolutely replace teachers. Now, what is your opinion? Did, you just say, that the computers should definitely not replace the teachers. Looks, like we believe differently and basically are opposites. We are probably going to have a debate. So you start, tell me at least1 good reason that computers should not replace teachers. Okay, so you’re saying that if computers replace teachers, than the teachers will be homeless, and jobless, and won't be able to take care of their families.
    What to know my opinion? Well stay tune...................
    What were you asking, o yes, my reasons and my opinion? On the teachers losing jobs? Well of course, that would be a sad occasion is that happened to any teacher, in our world. But, honestly every good thing in the world has a negative effect. There are also ways into solving the problem. It is called getting another job. Here are reasons why computers should replace teachers; it has no emotion, so you cannot get in trouble, and if you say or do anything bad the computer won’t have any emotion. Children are often distracted by what a teacher is wearing, saying or doing than education, computers you don’t have to worry about. When teachers teach, what they are saying can contain false information of personal opinions. Computers are accurate, efficient, and time saving. Teachers can mentally or physically abuse or misuse you. They can feed poison into children’s brains, into doing the wrong thing. Teachers must attend 4 years of college to be qualified. Computers only need less than a week to program. Teachers tend to forget important details. Computers can bring anything back without losing it. Computers have 16 lakh terabytes, storage capacity. Teachers only have only 1 lakh terabytes, storage capacity. Computers can grade 10 times faster than an average teacher. The work our teachers do can be done in seconds bwill come back if you let go of your tongue, and start talking! Tata!

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