• No evidence exist that offering condom will increase sexual activity.

    . Whether the government will distribute free condom or not . We cannot stop the youth from having sex. I say , Yes . Distribution of free condom is much better than having unprotected sex. . For me as a student, it depends upon my perception if I will use or not the condom . . I am supporting the distribution but I never thought of using the condom distributed.

  • Teen pregnancy would decrease

    In my opinion this would be more helpful and can prevent many teens to go through the process of abortion. There are approximately 250,000 teenagers that had a baby in the year of 2014. Now the numbers most likely rose. 35 percent of those girls choose to have an abortion and regret doing that after. Therefore schools should give out condoms and educate them in order for them to act mature and responsibly.

  • Average age of first act of intercourse in the US: 17 Average age of graduation from high school in the US: 18

    Teens are going to have sex if they want to, there's nothing that we can do to stop that. However if we offer them methods of preventing STI's and unwanted pregnancies, we can make sure that they are practicing safe sex.
    If schools give teens the methods to practice safe sex and prevent STIs, the student body will have a lower rate of STIs. A lower rate of STIs means a healthier student body, which means more time spent in class learning and less time sick at home or at the doctor.
    Also, Imagine that you have 2 teens: they have sex and there is a pregnancy. Suppose they decide to keep the baby. Think of the impact that has on the education of both parents and of the baby.
    Having condoms easily accessible in schools promotes education and learning.

  • Give the students what they want !!!

    Students are already having sex whether we like it or not, so to be SAFE why not just give them what is needed to prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancies.
    When students get pregnant and contract STIs it is just degrading our society.
    Giving these condoms won't encourage sex, it encourages safety and we all schools are learning institutions not pharmacies but schools distributing these can be part of developing a greater future for a country's society...

  • Giving Away Condoms Does Not Encourage Sex.

    As the title states, giving them condoms does not encourage sex, but encourages safety. The same tired argument is made regarding needle exchanges. As countless studies have shown, providing needles to addicts reduces the spread of diseases and the harms that come from IV drug use. Likewise, providing condoms will only ecourage kids to have Sex safely since they are going to do it anyway. It has been proven abstinence only classes do not work AT ALL, and schools that use these have been known to have STD epidemics. Give kids condoms so there will be less STD's and less teen pregnancies. It is the ONLY common sense option.

  • Don't you think adolescents have a right to be safe?

    The statics shows us that more than 50% of the population of teens are having sex or have had sex at least once in their life. So if we know that their already having sex and even though we teach them to abstain from any sexual activities or wait until marriage, they still won't listen and at the end of the day it's their choice, why don't we teach then how to protect themselves. In 2009 there was a survey done in Germany in a specific town where the amount of teen pregnancies and adolescents who contracted an STD in a year was totaled and the following year an experiment was done where they distributed condoms in a high school in that same town and the amount was far less than ever before

  • They should be distributed

    If they don't get access to them, they will have unprotected sex, either way, we cannot control teenagers hormones and feelings, but the giving them condoms will make them be safer than sorry. Who would want to see his/her child suffer from HIV and AIDS? Or have a child with no future because he/she is already a parent?

  • Yes, they should.

    Condoms should be distributed in schools to prevent pregnancy, STD's and set a good example. We know from research that abstinence education does not work and will not stop young people from having sex if they decide that it's something that they want to do. It is most responsible for schools to teach kids how to keep themselves safe.

  • Schools are to teach students about safety.

    Schools shouldn't tell you not to do something like under-age sexual relations, they are meant to give you all the facts and make sure you know how to do it safely. Another example is drinking alcohol, they tell you all the bad things which can be cause but in the end the student makes the choice, and thanks to the schools guidance they can do want they choose to do safely.

  • Give them Safety

    As I've heard people say that not mentioning sex to adolescents is the most correct maneuver in preventing STD's. It is not. The correct action in prevention of this hazard is giving the kids a correct education of the harmful effects of not using a condom when committing intercourse. Condoms being distributed in school demonstrates the importance of actually using the condom. Most kids would think it unthinkable for their teachers to give them condoms so they will see some importance.

  • Not in school

    Giving condoms to kid in school is just supporting them to have sex. First of all, if a school is considering this, how many pregnant students do you have in that school? If you have a lot then obviously your not teaching health class correctly. Second of all its just a stupid idea all together. If the kid is stupid enough to have sex then that's there fault for not using a condemn.

  • I do not think so..!!

    I stringently oppose the subject. I would like you to answer some questions below for their respective countries as the consent differ from country to country -
    Q1) What is the age of the children when they pass the high school?
    Q2) What is the legal age for sexual activities?
    Q3) Is there any need of condoms at such age?

    In my country, student generally pass the high school at 17 and legal age for consent is 18. Therefore, there is no point in distributing condoms in schools.

  • That would be quite contradictory, wouldn't it?

    Schools teach against underage sexual activity! And by giving out condoms in school that would just be supporting it. Plus, if someone doesn't want to use a condom, just because their school provides it doesn't mean they're necessarily going to take use of it. When anyone decides to participate in such acts it is their responsibility to use protection or not, the only thing schools should do is teach the circumstances of these actions.

  • Interest in sex

    In learning we say that the teachers role is to spark interest in the learner, students will not participate unless they have someone to introduce them to the activity, therefore I feel that introducing condoms in the school acts as a medium through which students are made aware of sex. The thought pattern shifts and more focus is put on the latest trend that is sex. Since everyone is doing it, why shouldnt I. This one action of bringing condoms in schools brings about a string of events that eventually lead to pregnancies and stds aka a chain rxn.

  • Stupidity at it's finest. If the government have set a law, stick to it.

    If the age of consent is 16 and over in the UK, why are the government equpping school children for underage sex? As a teenager myself, not proud to be I shall add, I know that other teenagers will try and outdo eachother to share their pathetic sexual encounters with the rest of the year group. People in authority and the media verge on paedophilic by pressuring young people so much to have sex. They are further perpetuating this notion of underage sex by subtextally saying "everybody is doing it? Why can't you?". Who cares what everybody else is doing? What if you don't have those pathetic urges at that age? Then what? You'll be subject to being called "frigid" if you're female and "loser" or "gay" if you're male. Now with the argument of underage pregnancies and STDs. Hypothetically speaking, if underage people didn't have access to contraception and got an STD or an unwanted pregnancy, clearly it's their own damn fault. They should have applied their knowledge of this to their own common sense. If you do something illegal, they shouldn't expect that their won't be consequences.

  • Why in schools?

    A school is a place of learning, not a pharmacy.
    Are we to hand out birth control pills at the front desk as well?
    Teach them about proper sex safety, sure.
    But why would we actively distribute condoms in the school? We have places that sell condoms, and we should focus on those places being accessible to the kids if they aren't already.
    I really haven't heard any valid reasons for distributing them at the school itself.

  • A school is a place of education, not a place to distribute contraceptives.

    We all went to school to learn. How much we learned depends on how involved we were. Sure, we had to take a sexual education class that was a part of the curriculum, but just because students know that sex exists doesn't mean that schools now have to take precautions and hand out contraceptives to them. The students can go buy them on their own if they plan on doing those things in their spare time. Also, we'd probably have to pay MORE tax dollars to fund such a program.

  • No to distribution but proper education...

    DOH doing this to made their job easy. Why not going to schools and educate the students properly the disadvantages of having sex at early age? What are the consequences if they will become parents at an early age? I think educating the students is much more important than promoting this giving them free condoms in schools.

  • ‘Condoms should be distributed in school.’

    The debate of this topic is endless. Whether it be for or against the topic, this topic is quite controversial. I believe condoms should not be distributed in school. Although there are many arguments that prove condoms should be distributed, I still believe that they should not be. It also depends on the age group of which the condoms are distributed. If the age of consent is 16 for sexual intercourse, then there would be no need to hand out condoms earlier than 16. Another reason against condoms is that in the media it is normal to have intercourse, "everybody is doing it? Why can't you?". This pressures many people into sex as if it is seen as the norm all over the internet and in the media. Many would argue that condoms are a part of the sexual education needed at school but I believe that condoms should be used in sexual education but they should not be distributed throughout schools. Another problem is that giving condoms at school could promote early age intercourse which is illegal. Receiving condoms could allow students to think that they are old enough to have intercourse although they are still underage. Many would argue that if they are old enough to learn about anatomy and how the body works, they are old enough to have intercourse. Another point representing my choice is that you can give the students condoms but it is still their choice to use it. If they have it, it doesn't mean that they will use it. Although people can say that it is better to have condoms and not use them than not to have any condoms at all. Another counter argument to my discussion is that it can prevent many diseases like STD's. This is a very important factor when weighing in whether condoms should be handed out in schools. There are many different points to argue if condoms should or should not be given out in school but personally, I feel that handing out condoms would not help the students in the schools.

  • School is a place to learn

    I strongly oppose the idea that school should distribute condoms. Due to the fact that a school is a place to learn, the mere role of the school is develop and mold students and guide them to have a better future. It is very unnecessary for a school to distribute condoms, because if they did, isn't it we are only giving the students an idea of sex? Or isn't it we are only encouraging them to have sex? In addition to, if the government mandated schools to distribute condoms, probably, society may have an impression that the government do not trust schools in terms of learning. So no I don't believe that schools should distribute condoms

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