• Yes, there would be a market

    The fictional game created by Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation should most definitely be made into a real game - for two distinct reasons. First of all there is an inbuilt market for the game as a novelty from fans of Parks & Rec alone. Secondly there will always be a market for highly complicated, very nerdy board games.

  • Yes! The interest in the game from fans makes it clear

    Yes, Cones of Dunshire should be turned into a real game. Since the announcement that the game would be produced there has been massive interest from board game fans and Parks and Recreation fans alike. This level of interest proves that there is an appetite for the production of a real game based on Ben Wyatt's fictional board game. I'm quite interested in having a go myself.

  • Only if people want it.

    If something like the Cones of Dunshire are in high demand with people then why not make it into a real game. I am not too familiar with said game but if people like it then why not make it into a real game. The proof is in the demand.

  • Greatest Game Ever

    Of course the Cones of Dunshire should be made into a real game. Not only would the game be popular due to its fun nature, it would also be extremely popular due to the Parks and Recreation's success. Avid watchers would be thrilled to have this game to play in their own spare time.

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