• Yes they should

    I don't see why this debate even needs a fifty word minimum. Monuments to slavery erected primarily during the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras as attempts to intimidate black people don't have any place in the country. We don't need monuments to our greatest villains and our darkest chapters to remember them, we teach that in school. Monuments only glorify these things.

  • No fucking shit

    These statues weren't even erected until after the Civil War, when Jim Crowe era southerners were still butthurt about losing and wanted to show they are still superior to black people, by shoving in their faces the figures of those who enslaved them. That's literally the only reason they are there. There is no "southern pride" in honoring statues to traitors to a free nation and slave owners. The whole "southern pride" bullshit is entirely based around racism, and the "white way of life". Personally, I don't give a single fuck if these statues are destroyed or even pissed on in front of butthirt republicans. But better a museum than shoved in everyone's faces. Because, quit literally, the only people that want the statues to remain are either racist republicans, or others who don't understand or even care why they're being taken down or why they were erected in the first place. They exist for one reason and one reason only: to instill fear and a sense of inferiority for black people towards white people after losing their slaves.

    By the way, on the subject of racism, if you think you're not at least a little racist, you're probably wrong. It took me until recently to finally admit I am, in fact, a little racist. The difference between someone like me and someone who would defend a confederate statue, is our actions. Just because I may have racist thoughts occasionally, doesn't mean I won't vote in favor of, or support, minorities and their communities. Republicans, on the other hand, are at least as racist, and likely much much more so, consistently vote against the interests of minorities, and often times against even their own best interests as well.

  • They remind us of A horrible past

    I feel like in our current age we have a different view of the world than we had back in the time of the Civil War. There was a massive division in America that yielded nothing but bloodshed. We can honor Confederate military leaders for their success in battle but we can't overlook their beliefs. In this day and age, their beliefs offend many people. They have become a reminder of the dark time in our history where our nation was divided and racism was everywhere. Their history can be shared in other ways. They don't need to have a statue in their honor.

  • It's a waste of time and money.

    Taking down a stupid statue is a complete waste of money and time. We cannot focus on this, especially now! We need to pay more attention to better topics, like education, war, and poverty. Taking down the confederate statues won't help anyone. People need to stop whining about this and think about something worth our time and money.

  • They represent progression.

    Just like any other statue, confederate statues are used to represent something. In this case, they represent progression. Yes, these men owned slaves and yes, these men supported slavery. However, as a nation we have progressed from that. Today African Americans are free people. Stop living in the past and look at what we are now as a nation. Besides, removing the statues would be costly. Why not use that money for something more important?

  • They are our past

    The civil war is our history. It was also about more than slaves (although that was a major part of the war). The confederates were also fighting for state rights. We have to share our history with the next generations. And by taking the statues down we are denying the generations to come the right to know. If they don't know our mistakes how are they supposed to learn from them.

  • They are valuable history

    I find it pathetic that while there are shootings going on, possible war between north korea, and people dying by the thousands in Africa, we are worried about statues. They represent history, and are falsely accused. Robert E. Lee was an abolitionist, and he is seen as a racist. I'm not justifying the south, but if you feel offended by the statues, put them in a museum or something, don't destroy the valuable pieces of history.

  • No one wants to repeat the Civil War, Do they?

    The Civil War was a great turning point for America. The Americans became a free state and no one had to worry. If they take down the statues, future generations will forget all about the war. They might go back to having slaves, and then the country might have another Civil War. I do not think that anyone wants that to happen.

  • No, bad idea.

    Taking down these monuments won't change the past. It won't make everything go away. We'll still learn about the civil war in History and/or Social studies. Also, G. Washington had slaves and he supported slavery so should we take his monument down for a little reason like that? Think more about the history of these monuments not just because of slavery.

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