• Yes, the military is to bloated.

    Currently, the US spends more on our military budget than the next five countries combined (most of which are our allies). The US spends over 500 billion dollars on military building tanks and guns that we don't even use but instead, let them go to waste or we use them in military interventions where the people we are occupying end up hating us. If we were to cut the military budget by 10%, we can end up using that money into more beneficial programs like paying the underpaid military personal or putting it into heathcare or education.

  • Depends on where the spending is cut

    The United States has the highest funded military in the world at a whopping 581 BILLION dollars, which is 425.4 billion dollars of the close second China (China has 155.6 billion dollars in defense budget). (Source:
    If you were to make the New York City Police Department a military, it would be the 20th most funded military in the world.
    Last thing I'd like to say is that the United States is behind in development (health care is worse than Cuba, a third world country). So, staying in the same regressive ideology is making things worse. We need to be progressive, which includes cuts to our military budget.

  • Yes, Congress is neglecting US youth, US future.

    Military spending should be cut in specific areas, as it's percentage of the total budget it excessive. Congress is neglecting US youth, US future. Spend on education, research, and manufacturing, not military. The modern world of warfare is now economic and technological. The only other thing to spend money on is cyber-, and, perhaps, border- security.

  • Military spending is important

    Congress recently passed a controversial vote that would curtail the benefits that soldiers and military families receive. This is a bad move: it is another example of our country's failings to support the people who serve us. As a result, Congress shouldn't make any moves to cut this financial support.

  • This is no time for Congress to cut military spending.

    The United States is facing far too many external threats from terrorist organizations and rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran, as well as familiar foes such as Russia. A strong military is key to curbing further aggression by these countries and serves to deter them from committing additional acts of aggression. Cutting the budget may be seen as a sign of weakness and encourage these countries to test American resolve. Congress should examine the military budget and see to it that the military is run efficiently and free of waste and corruption, so that taxpayers are getting the most for their money.

  • Some soldiers make roughly the minimum wage.

    Considering that we ask our military to be available virtually 24/7 to throw themselves into harm's way, I think they're underpaid. I don't think Congress should decrease military spending, but I think the specific things the money is spent on needs to change. A few less of the non-stealthy stealth weapons, maybe fewer but larger bases around the world, and a bit more common sense all around would be good.

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