• Not elected to compromise

    We've chosen these people to represent us, and that's what they're doing. If you've elected the correct person, the reasoning for their disagreements should be in your best interest; unfortunately these conflicts and arguments postpone decisions. We're paying them to fight for us, and (directly) paying them a small amount for the strenuous 24/7 job they serve.

    If you believe the person you elected is contributing to a government shutdown without reasoning, don't vote for them next time.

  • Not all of them

    Republican congressmen and women should not get paid for several reasons:
    -They are wealthy enough
    -They don't really care for American people
    -Stupid obstructionism because of their pathetic idealism
    -Failing to cooperate with Senate and Executive Chief
    -Most of them graduated from Ivy League universities, but din't learn anything
    -They are rich people creating policies to benefit the rich only

  • In a layoff, or lack of work, everyday people do not get paid. Government is not an exception.

    Can't remember when I got to vote on my pay raise. Can't remember when a ballot was passed around letting the people vote on what their salary should be. Can't remember when anyone in government helped take care of any family I know when layoffs hit hard. It should be for them during a government shut down as it is for everyone in America.

  • They shuld never get paid...

    Ban elected representatives from being paid w gov$/benifits, unless their poor they get the same welfare as everyone else
    ban gov workers from payment unless their isnt anyone willing to do the job for free.
    Require no gov worker can be paid more than minimum wage, unless there isnt anyone willing to do the job for minimum wage.
    Disqualify anyone running for elected position, that receives or asks for prv contribution or uses prv property for their campaign.
    Fire and ban from gov jobs: elected reps that receive or ask for a gift.
    Put gov under 24-7live public video surveilence. Subject gov to suprize inspections done by non-gov inspectors unpaid by gov

  • Is a non-working body "essential"?

    In any other industry one is expected to produce results in order to get paid. Congress, since the midterm elections in 2010, has yet to produce any significant legislation. Obviously the people responsible should just be voted out, but because they have gerrymandered their districts so well, that will not happen. Therefore, the best alternative left is to reduce pay.
    I'm not sure how this would be implemented, but I'll dream for a moment.

  • They are responsible

    If they want to play tug of war on the hill with the taxpayers wallets they can deal with no pay for a while. Besides they really are not going to be in a tight situation just because they don't get a check for their "top notch" service of pushing their own agenda.

  • Congress should not get paid during this goverment shutdown.

    I stand on the negative side of this topic purely because most of congress has other jobs and buisnesses and actually are just money hungry in terms of pay for a simple fact that when budget cuts were done congress had gotten raises nearly across the board while the rest of the system suffered. Also they are no better then their counterparts and are definitely not any better of people than the janitor at the white house who by the way was living on a pay check by paycheck budget is now possibly looking at loosing his home due to this government shut down so if you ask me and most of america the congress should not get paid to solve a problem that should have been solved by now.

  • They Should Take a Hit

    Congress is the government; if the government has to shutdown, the least that should happen to Congress is a denial of pay. If citizens have to bear the burden of their idiotic decisions, then they have no excuse for not bearing the consequences of their own choices with us. It's as simple as that.

    Posted by: bsh1
  • Why would the head of government be paid when the government shuts down?

    Why would the head of government be paid when the government shuts down? I don't know why? Maybe because they're greedy? Maybe because they're self centered? I live in a town that is so filled with NASA employees and other workers who are reliant on the government and they're all just sitting around with nothing to do and no pay while congress does the EXACT SAME THING except they're getting paid!

  • No supporting headline

    If they are willing to put dozens of other people's jobs on hold simply because they cant agree over a simple matter, they must be willing to put their own jobs on hold as well. I think that when the congress uses taxpayers money to create jobs work and then uses more taxpayer money to put people out of jobs, its time to find a new congress.

  • While they are not working, they should not be paid.

    This would be a financial incentive to encourage them to ressolve the issue as quickly as possible. It would also show hem what they are putting people in he public sector through who are indefinately unpaid. I believe that they would put their political differences to one side and come to a temporary agreement so they can end lockdown, and then hold a vote for or against obamacare.

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