Should Congress renew the federal assault weapons ban?

  • Yes, Congress should renew the federal assault weapons ban.

    Gun violence is a problem that must be addressed from many angles, including.banning assault weapons. These weapons are designed to cause maximum damage in minimum time and serve no sporting purpose. Hunters and Vito who desire weapons for self defense will still have many options of guns to purchase with no infringement on their second amendment rights. Prevention of the deaths of innocent lives requires courage from political leaders to do the right thing.

  • Keep military hardware out of civilian hands

    You don't need a kalashinkov or an ar-15 to provide food for your family or defend your home with.

    Besides crimminals still get their guns by going to stores like big 5 or dicks sporting goods, or local shops etc.

    These are made for killing people not game animals.

    So yes renew the ban

  • Congress needs to quit worry about other peoples weapons.

    This country does not need an assault weapons ban. This country does not need stricter gun control. This country has plenty of laws put in place to take care of people that are carrying weapons illegally. They do not need any more laws. They need to allow people who want to have weapons have them. They also need to enforce the laws they currently have.

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