Should consumers feel obligated to purchase domestic cars after the U.S. auto industry provided sound jobs and stimulated economic growth for several past decades?

Should consumers feel obligated to purchase domestic cars after the U.S. auto industry provided sound jobs and stimulated economic growth for several past decades?
  • Why would I ever want to buy American?

    American cars suck! They did in the '70's and '80's and they do now. Because they just do.

    American cars aren't efficient and they don't have the features. None. Look at my European taxicab with the little Gucci air freshener. America makes crap. I wouldn't be seen in one. I mean, maybe Tesla but everything else, no way. Nobody in the office owns an American car.

    This bigass plasticky Samsung is way better than your new iPhone 6. Wanna watch me bend it for you, loser? Samsung baby!

    Government Motors crap - give me back my money you crooks! I won't buy from GM no matter how awarded their new cars are, no way! You couldn't give me one even though I can't stop complaining that I'm part owner of the company! You wonder why Detroit is a ghost town! They deserve it! Oh yea, f@#k Fox News!

    My Prius is earth friendly unlike those American barges. Don't try to convince me with your overpriced Government Motors Volt, I'm not listening.

    My Hyundai's made in Alabama! It's more American than your... (Really dude?)

    Roughly 79% of Americans will blame anyone but themselves for the impending collapse of the US economy and make a convincing case as to why they choose to sign over their paycheck to an overseas corporation. Without a doubt: you're still free to exercise your downward mobility.

  • Yes , not enough Americans buy products made here and our economy is suffering because of it.

    Personally I will look for a made in USA label on everything from cars to a bottle of shaving cream to put back into our economy. This is the most unselfish thing , and is a way of saying thanks to my fellow countrymen. We have somehow been brainwashed to think imported suits, cars, food, etc. is better. Newsflash! 9 times out of 10 it's worse, and is made to fall apart because it is made by inferior workmanship. Everything from power tools, to clothing , and cars is better quality when made in the USA. I'm on my 2nd Ford and I'm very satisfied with American made vehicles. I know I'm helping my children and my grandchildren when I buy American.

  • While it's a personal choice, I believe that buying American is a way for citizens to demonstrate their patriotic support for the country.

    In recent years, American consumers have been supporting the economic growth of countries outside of the U.S. and letting American manufacturers suffocate, cut jobs and close their doors. Unfortunately, until very recently, most Americans were unaware of this. When ABC News went into the homes of ordinary Americans and asked them to remove everything in their homes that was not made in America, their homes were literally empty.

    Posted by: UtterDon
  • I agree that consumers should feel obligated to purchase domestic cars after the U.S. auto industry provided sound jobs and stimulated economic growth for several past decades, because we're supporting our economy by doing so.

    When purchasing a domestic car, essentially you're supporting our economy. With the economy being in such poor shape, and the auto industry just starting to become successful again, it's only right for U.S. citizens to purchase domestic cars to keep our economy going. We need to work together, by our consumer choices and with our government, to help improve our economy. And by purchasing domestic cars, it's a step in the right direction.

    Posted by: boobop
  • Americans buying domestic cars helps America depend less on foreign manufacturing.

    It's good for jobs and the economy when Americans invest in their country by purchasing domestic cars. The automobile industry is a major industry in America. Domestic car sales have gone down since the introduction of Japanese brands such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Honda; all in which have taken a considerable market share in the automobile industry.

    Posted by: RayEar
  • Buy American is un-American

    This is America where freedom is a founding principal. Every American should have the power to act and make decisions without restraint. The buy American "movement" (largely pro-union) seeks to restrain purchasing decisions - especially with regard to automobiles. Americans can support the local economy by making purchases within said economy. The salesperson, technicians and administrative departments are largely American employees and purchases will support them and their families. Buy American is protectionist, almost eliminates the concept of free trade and borders on bigotry.

  • US consumers should not feel obligated to purchase domestic vehicles, since the US auto makers have not demonstrated an interest in producing cars that are competitive with foreign autos, either in features or cost.

    One of the biggest issues with the US domestic auto makers was the fact that they produced large SUVs and trucks in order to maintain their profit margins. With the exception of Ford, who did consider or address the issues of their high labor costs and funding retiree benefits. The failure of the auto makers to develop and implement a viable business should not be reason for American consumers to feel it necessary to purchase the inferior product US auto makers are selling.

    If the US consumer choose to buy the best value vehicle on the market it will force the US auto makers to become competitive, not only in the US but in the global marketplace.

    Posted by: G4rwIsdead
  • No, I disagree with consumers feeling obligated to purchase domestic cars after the U.S. auto industry provided sound jobs and stimulated economic growth for the several past decades, because it is all about consumer choice.

    No, I disagree with consumers feeling obligated to purchase domestic cars after the U.S. auto industry provided sound jobs and stimulated economic growth for the several past decades, because it is all about consumer choice. Buying a car is a time-consuming task that involves lots of money. People should have the choice as to whether they want to buy a foreign or domestic car.

    Posted by: SecondNoel50
  • No, because customers should purchase cars that are fuel-efficient, regardless of where they are made.

    Part of the problem with the domestic car industry was that it catered to people who wanted larger and larger automobiles. During the period when gasoline was not very expensive, this made sense. Still, when gas prices began to rise, the domestic car industry did not make changes to its lineup as quickly as necessary. The domestic car industry did not offer higher fuel-economy cars. This contributed to their need for a bailout. I believe that customers should purchase cars that are fuel-efficient and fit into their consumer budgets, whether or not those car manufacturers received a bailout. This will encourage U.S. automobile manufacturers to be more fuel-efficient and competitive in domestic markets.

    Posted by: AmusingTanner32
  • I don't think Americans should feel obligated to buy anything domestically made in the present market, especially expensive items like cars.

    With prices skyrocketing for everything, I think American consumers deserve to spend their money however they see fit. If a foreign car has a better price and fulfills all the needs of the person buying it, then so be it. Large American-based corporations are able to send their labor to other countries to save money. I think it is only fair for American consumers to do the same by buying foreign cars.

    Posted by: ColdEmmanuel92
  • There is never an obligation to purchase locally, though it generally makes good sense economically.

    When you want to stimulate your local, regional, or national economy, it always makes sense to utilize products and services generated within that economy. However, this does not mean that one should feel obligated to do this. Non-local products and services are also providing employment and economic benefits to others. They just don't happen to be local, and they need to work too. Also, it is often the case that non-local products and services are still providing local jobs.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Until the unions in the American car manufacturers are willing to negotiate lower and more realistic wages, Americans should not feel obligated to buy American cars.

    I used to be all about buying American products and especially cars. My opinion changed about this drastically once I understood how the auto industry works here in American or should I say the way the unions control the auto industry. The union workers are ridiculously over paid and by buying American it is showing car manufacturers that this is ok to do. Until wages are reduced to reasonable rates Americans should not feel obligated to buy American.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Consumers should buy what ever car or any item that they see fit.

    The beauty of the free market and western culture in general is not in what it creates but in what it destroys, namely bad ideas. If the American automobile manufactures can build better cars than their foreign counter- parts they will sell more cars. If the current American companies cannot then they should fail making way for a new generation of manufactures that can.

    Posted by: wahsfone
  • Consumers should have freedom of choice in the market.

    American consumers should not be made to feel pressure to buy a domestic car. The government may have had good reason to make the decisions they did, but it should in no way be used to remove people's right to choice in the marketplace. A car is a major purchase, and ultimately each consumer has to make the choice that is right for them.

    Posted by: P4dIao
  • Consumers should not feel obligated to purchase domestic cars because there is more to economic growth than car sales.

    I do not feel consumers should feel obligated to buy domestic cars. The economic growth of the United States relies on more than just car sales to boost the economy. There are enough people that already purchase domestic because of the features, gas mileage, or the way they look/drive. I drive a foreign car and do not consider myself adversely effecting the economy by doing so. I still buy gas, oil, tires, and everything that goes along with car ownership domestically.

    Posted by: EveDictator

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