Should contraception be available in high schools?

  • We need to fight the teen pregnancy epidemic

    By giving out condoms and birth control pills in school we are essential helping the taxpayers' of this country. 9.4 billion dollars went to teen mothers and their children in 2010. If parents are to afraid to talk to kids and schools can why not let them do it. Lets be real kids are going to have sex. It's the generation we live in, why not help them in preventing disease and pregnancy. If you give out birth control and condoms in school teen pregnancy and educate teens properly how to use them the rate rate of teen pregnancy will drop.

  • Any demographic engaged in high risk behavior should have the means to protect themselves.

    Sex is an enjoyable part of relationships and can be a positive experience for those who take the proper precautions. Sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy are products of ignorance and can be prevented by quality sex education that not only focuses on the mechanics of the activity but the social and emotional aspects as well. Due to the nature of how humans learn and grow, negative experiences cannot be fully eliminated but the degree of harm should be minimized. Providing teens with easy, confidential access to contraception is just one of several integral parts of the preparation of youth for a healthy life.

  • I would rather be safe.

    I feel like it should be distributed for the bettering of our children. I would rather be safe the not to have to worry about the risks. Also if your too embarrassed to ask your parents to get you started because I mean it is kind of embarrassing but if u are it is way easier if highschools just offer it.

  • This was my persuasive essay on why they should for my senior service learning project!!!

    Putting condoms in the hands of high schoolers is not telling them “here, have sex!”, but more “If your going to have sex, please be safe.” Imagine if your child was a high school student, struggling with the urges and temptations to have sex, but is to embarrassed to go buy a condom, wouldn’t you want them to be safe, instead of unprotected? Every day thousands of teens are putting themselves at risk for pregnancies, sexually transmitted disease, and high school drop outs.
    Not every teenager is going to have sex. Not every teenager is going to remain abstinent. Whether or not they do is not going to be affected by condoms being available. Because, hey. There are already places that give out free condoms, and even in the face of this, some teenagers have actually made their own decision to not have sex. And stick by said decision. And obviously, if the lack of condom availability stopped teenagers from having sex, there would be a lot less pregnancies, sexually transmitted disease, and teen pregnancies going around. And is there something wrong with sex? No, so long as there is some form of birth control and maturity about it going on. So, if condoms are provided, it increases the likelihood of making smart decisions and not ruining their lives for those who are/ will have sex anyways.

  • Its just natural

    People, including adults want to have sex! Its a simple fact of life. Only if that's true then why not have teens really know everything there is to know? Teaching teens to knot have sex is important, but whats more important is teaching them how to be safe and not get something that they cant get rid of. Be smart and realistic, its going to happen. We need to make it safe for teens now so that they will be safe when they get out of high school so that they can have a good and healthy life.

  • Contraceptives should be provided

    The schools have sex education, child development, ant parenting. They are practically encouraging us to have sex, so why with all of that would they not encourage SAFE sex? People have sex. It's natural. Plus it might be embarrassing for the kids to ask their parents for contraceptives, so by offering contraceptives you are encouraging safe sex, preventing pregnancy, and most importantly you are preventing STDs

  • From a teens point of view: Yes!

    I am currently a 15 year old who lost her virginity at 14. I'm still sexually active with my current partner and we do manage to get condoms, but as a teen its Uncomfortable. Everyone answers are right: Teens ARE having sex. Unfortunately not all of them have the money or capability to obtain contraception. Schools should be helping teens, not scaring them away from a natural part of life.

  • Kids are going to have sex

    The taboo of kids have sex too early hasn't stopped them yet. The least we can do is make it easy, and less embarrassing to get the protection they need to prevent disease and teen pregnancy. No matter what your personal view of young people having sex is, they are having it, and they should have easy access to contraception, so it doesn't turn in to an abortion.

  • Teenagers have rights too

    Teenagers have legal rights and should be able to make decisions about what happens to their body. The medical, mental and physical risks of adolescent pregnancy and childbirth cannot be discounted and if teenagers aren't getting sexual health services anywhere else then offering them at school is the only logical option.

  • Better safe than sorry

    What most know, but a lot of people don't want to admit is that sex during the teenage years happens. Even with every preventative measure a parent or guardian can take, their teen will have sex; with or without their knowledge. Rather than being ignorant to the facts, minor contraception should be available to students in schools.

  • No

    It should not be available at the school but it should be taught about. We need to teach about safe sex because we are having problems with younger and younger kids being involved in those activities. We need to educate them on the risks and how to prevent unwanted problems as a result.

  • To me, no the Catholic schools should not distribute contraceptives because the Catholic religion is against the pill stopping pregnancy and sex before marriage.

    The children are so young they do not know the right decision and they do not think before acting. The school is a place that can only inform you about the risks of diseases that can be transmitted. If students want to make that decision and go against the religion of the school, they can get the tools out of school in the community or from their parents. Contraceptives are not a good idea to distribute in a Catholic school because its going against religion, the school can be made responsible if an accident happens and it's not the school's responsibility to distribute those tools because they do not want sex going on in or around the school.

  • Its all about self discipline

    Personally, am a 16 year old female but still a virgin. Its all about having self control and still don't want to lose my precious virginity to some jerk.
    From a teenagers point of view, placing a condom in a teenager's hand, is like giving a child a mug of sugar and expecting it wont eat it.

  • Shouldn't parents have a say in what their child is bringing home from school?

    I would think that many parents would want to know what their child is bringing home from school. They are their parents for a reason, they've been making choices for their children since day one, mostly because parents feel it's in the best interest of the child! I know if I had a child that came home from school with ANY form of contraceptive/birth control/condoms someone would be getting a phone call and it's possible I would take my child to a different school district!

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