• Yes, contraceptives would allow students to make a better decision.

    By having contraceptives, students would be able to better prepare against unwanted pregnancies if they decide to have sex. Students are going to have sex with or without free contraceptive handouts, but with them they have an additional tool to decide if and how if they have sex. It is a fact that places where contraceptive methods are known about have less unwanted pregnancies.

  • Contraceptives should be distributed from qualified medical facilities.

    Young people should have access to contraceptives. The distribution of contraceptives, however, should be accompanied by brief instruction on how to properly administer them, because contraceptives are useless if not used properly. Because most schools retain only one or two qualified medical personnel, it would be best if contraceptives were not distributed from schools but from medical facilities with several qualified staff to counsel with young people about their use upon distribution.

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