• Yes, cops should be given more legal protection.

    Law enforcement should be provided with more legal protection. Many police officers have become fearful of prosecution, so in some cases they are being too cautious with suspects. This is also known as the Ferguson Effect. The result of police inaction has led to a spike in crime in many large cities. Therefore, to ensure public safety, police should be afforded more legal protection.

  • Not more than anyone else

    Cops have a dangerous job and deserve our respect, but they are agents of the law. They are part of a body sworn to protect and uphold the laws, and since they enforce them, they should absolutely not be considered above them. If they are violating the law, they should face the same penalties as anyone else.

  • Cops have enough protection.

    Police have quite a bit of legal protection already. They can commit crimes that would put private citizens in jail, and often face only a paid suspension as punishment. Additional legal protection is also not going to change the inherently dangerous nature of the job. Police work will always be dangerous.

  • Police don't need more legal protection

    The shooting in Dallas, where many police officers were killed, raises the question of whether or not we are doing enough for our boys in blue. I think that police are protected enough but it is time to bring more protection to our citizens. Too many innocent black men are killed by police - where is the protection for them?

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