Should corporal punishment be allowed in school?

Asked by: Sarahthegymnast
  • If they deserve it

    There's a difference betweeen beating and teaching respect. Maybe if this was allowed in schools, kids would learn that more could happen to them if they're bad than "a good talking to." Detention? Oh no. Two day suspension? Boo hoo. A good hit or two on the rear? You'll never see a disrespectful kid change his ways so fast.

    Perhaps the parents would have to sign a paper saying they'll allow it. Still, many parents today raise disrespectful kids because they're too soft to be forceful, so this may not be the best idea.

    Teachers, of course, shouldn't be trusted, as they have bias, but a principal, with the approval of the teacher and other administrators, should be able to administer such a punishment.

  • I'm a felon

    When I grew up in the roaring 20's, teachers beat us all. I personally enjoy it, and that makes me think that beating kids are good. To be honest, I don't think that I would be who I am today without my amazing beatings. Therefore, I think kids need some abuse.

  • I'm a felon

    When I grew up in the roaring 20's, teachers beat us all. I personally enjoy it, and that makes me think that beating kids are good. To be honest, I don't think that I would be who I am today without my amazing beatings. Therefore, I think kids need some abuse.

  • I'm a felon

    When I grew up in the roaring 20's, teachers beat us all. I personally enjoy it, and that makes me think that beating kids are good. To be honest, I don't think that I would be who I am today without my amazing beatings. Therefore, I think kids need some abuse.

  • Suck it up

    I believe that corporal punishment should be allowed. If children misbehave, are you just gonna let it go and make them continue to do it? No, you resolve the problem and discipline them. Even if some kids are being violent because of it, why only think of the bad things? That's all you people think about, the negative side of things. Try thinking about its benefits for once, ok? It teaches them not to do things that are considered bad, and will teach them discipline.

  • Corporal punishment should be in all schools

    Corporal punishment should be aloud in schools because when kids start to act up then they pretty much don´t get in trouble because they don´t earn anything from it. Sometimes kids are off the hook for things when they are doing things just completely horrible in the school and they just are boasting to their friends like,¨Oh I just got in trouble then got away with it.¨

  • Kids are disrespectful

    I'm a highschooler and I think 90% of the kids have royal attitudes that need to be put in check. A solid slap and they'd be a lot more respectful. Less disrespect, more paying attention, better grades, and all around better schools. Bring back corporal punishment and we would be a lot better off!

  • Discipline will prevail.

    Without it, kids are unruly. Permission from parents is not needed, they are too soft. A quick spank will straighten them out. It worked with my kids, I hope that all kids are given this beneficial strictness. Soon, they will all be much kinder and far more respectful than ever!

  • Bring it back

    I think we should (in Australia) but not as cruel. There are some students who sometimes I literally want to strangle. In my French class, I sit with my friends in the back ( i am in the selective class), our French class is a mix of lower classes and selective. So our lovely teacher is trying to teach us but these girls in the front of our class start mocking her accent and snapchat their class. It's really disturbing, even girls in my school smoke in the toilets.

  • They really should.

    As a student in the sixth grade I have found that now in days there are lots of disrespectful children (mostly boys) that don't listen to teachers and are very distracting and it bothers me as a student who is writing an essay about it. Also i have found that it's harder for students to concentrate while these distractions go on. So one little smack never hurt anyone so do it and see how they fall right into a perfect student

  • Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin.

    As it stands there are three areas that issue corporal punishment. At home, in school (though a very archaic and dying breed), and in justice system.

    Originally corporal punishment, after a long history of human beings physically harming one another, in school was defended when operant learning was defined. Though people have seen this effect for a while, people were able to justify the reason for it. However, corporal punishment, whether as negative reinforcement or punishment, clearly has no place in school.

    The reason why not:
    1. Not every parent wants or believes a non-family member should be striking their child.

    2. Not every child is treated fairly in school. Though we like to think otherwise, teachers are human beings with bias and prejudice that can be inherent or developed for particular students. Thus we then have a physical action that is not equally distributed.

    3. Child abuse can be masked or harder to present if children are struck a at home and school. More importantly the child has no one to trust to cry out towards if they are abused.

    4. Not all punishments work equally so corporal punishment naturally escalates.

    5. Overall it becomes in effective amongst masses and will rise to revolution. When operant learning was discovered it was with 1 mouse in a box. Try hurting a bunch of mice in the same box and you will see an uprising.

    6. Everybody lies and you might punish the wrong kid.

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  • That is stupid!!!!

    I am a kid in school and if they allowed that half the kids wouldn't even bother going to school!!!!!!! I think suspension is bad enough and it teaches the kids. It embarrasses them enough that they do it again! It also makes them scared of the teacher's and that would make them work slowly!!

  • Nope. :/ :l

    Corporal punishment should not be allowed in schools. If teachers are allowed to hit the students, the students could become very scared or angry and not show up to school. A majority of the time if a kid misbehaves it is a onetime deal or it was not extreme and the child would not deserve to be hit because of the action. Also some parents may not believe in that sort of punishment. Schools should allow parents to make the call for how their child is punished. Today in this world many schools are anti-bully, if the schools start to allow corporal punishment that could be seen as bullying towards the students.
    Some people may think that this type of punishment is okay if the child deserves it. However does any child deserve to be hit by an adult? If children grow up with adults that have the right to hit them, they could potentially grow up to think hitting someone is okay. Children could also feel alone, like they have no one to go to when they need to talk or when they have a problem that they could not go to their parents about, they will be left alone not knowing what to do. Some teachers can also be very bias and could be hitting the kids just because they do not favor them. This could mean the child is just simply being abused instead of punished which is not okay.
    According to the website, privateschools, a majority of people agree that corporal punishment should not be allowed in schools. The website states that this form of punishment has no place in the education of students and it perpetrates the cycle of abuse. School is a place where all kids of all ages should come and feel safe. If the teachers are striking the kids, will the kids feel safe? Of course not. Schools should leave disciplinary actions to the parents of the child.

  • Parents need to be better disciplinarians.

    It's not the school's, nor the teacher's, job to be parents.

    The problem is at home. The parents encourage their children to ignore authority and disrespect those of authority. The children walk all over the parents and the parents allow it.

    I will however agree that a teacher has the right to fight back if a student punches, hits, kicks, or bites the teacher.

    I would NEVER teach in a public school in the US. It is disgraceful and pathetic. The US is no longer the greatest country.


  • No of course not!

    First of all what are we in the dark ages?! Also teachers have no right to hurt the kids ! This is just going to cause kids hating school . School is hard enough for kids this is going cause emotional distress and trauma depending on the severity of the punishment. And what will they learn? They're going to look back on school and remember the crimes and punishments sure they won't do it again but that type of punishment is just going to break the kids' spirit!

  • Yes, because of the learner s behaviour

    People can't expect teachers to just sit down and watch learners as tney wrong ,by beating the learners they are putting them in the right way. Today learners dont even respect teachers, they backchat and do all kind of wrong things, and you guys just except teachers to sit down and watch, than people start thinking that the school that the certain learners are attending, they are not been taught how to respect

  • Teachers Hitting kids is barbaric and should be illegal

    If an adult hits another adult, it is illegal, why should it not be illegal for a teacher to hit a child. It is assault of the worst kind. Also, where is the due process? Due process is afforded to all adults. Why should due process be taken away from children in schools. Answer: it shouldn't. A teacher hitting a student is completely wrong. It is not the right of a teacher to put their hands on a student. A school should be a place where students can learn in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. Also hitting a child can cause physical pain and scars and a child should not be subjected to this while trying to learn and it can also cause fear of adults and teachers which causes a hostile environment for all involved including other students that have to witness such barbarianism.

  • Its very danderous

    Because many people are beaten by teachers and being torturing by teachers and be laughed of students and feel so pain and sad.Its .Very dangerous to small students body it cause many terrible problems.So teachers must stop beating students and not to mtorture them and the disturb the student studies

  • No corporal punishment

    That's so wrong on so many levels. The only person who should hit kids is their parents, I don't mean like, beat them ,but hit them when there bad. I'm a kid in 7th grade so you might not care about what I say. I just looked this up for an essay for English and I cant believe there's archaically people who think this is okay 57% to 43%?! This is most likely because only people who believe in this are searching this up SICK!

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