Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools?

  • We Need More Discipline

    Yes we need to drill into the kids' minds that authority must be respected. In my country, western society has influenced our youth to become rebellious and disrespectful. We need to enforce rules and make sure they are followed. Students who do not follow these rules should be punished in a way that makes them not want to violate it again. There was a time where our children followed the authorities and people who know what's best for them. Now our youth has been corrupted by Western European and american values that tell kids to be rude and disrespect the authority. We need corporal punishment to enforce the discipline in our rebellious children.

  • No, corporal punishment should not be allowed in schools.

    Corporal punishment is, in my opinion, barbaric and should not be allowed in schools. Many parents do not even agree to physical punishment and we have learned over the years that it is terrible for children psychologically. There is no need to hit a child for misbehaving or not doing what they are told. There are other methods to punish a child for bad behavior.

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