Should countries have already offered aid to North Korea for flood relief?

  • The people of North Korea deserve our support just as much as anyone

    Yes, flood relief aid should have already been offered to North Korea. No doubt the regime in North Korea is awful and inhumane, but let's not confuse the authoritarian regime with the everyday people of North Korea. They are human beings just like everyone else and deserve the support of the international community in times of need.

  • Yes, they should have.

    No matter what the politics or the political system of any nation no countries citizens should have to suffer more than they already have after a disaster like these floods. It is embarrassing that no country has tried to come in and offer help and supplies for people who have been displaced .

  • North Korea does not deserve flood relief

    The "Hermit Kingdom" of North Korea has recently tested major nuclear weapons. This signals that they have progressed beyond mere sabre-rattling. Such a threatening gesture requires strict returns. North Korea is not worthy of flood relief because they have shown that they are not above attacking other countries through nuclear force.

  • They don't want it.

    North Korea has completely isolated themselves, and this is their choice. I feel sorry for the people who are affected, but the government simply won't allow any sort of humanitarian relief, even when their citizens need it. This power-hungry regime needs to be toppled, and then the people can enjoy freedom and the kind of help that they really need.

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