Should countries limit access to media from the Islamic State or ISIS in order to prevent radicalization?

  • Access to Islamic State media should be restricted

    One of the most common ways in which the Islamic State, or ISIS, reaches and converts people is Facebook and other similar media. Facebook should do more to limit or even remove ISIS' ability to make these radicalizing posts, for the safety of all its participants and to prevent further radicalization.

  • yes, yes, yes

    I don't understand why they have not attempted to already do so. I bet if families sue Facebook and Youtube for the death of their family members at the hands of ISIS, there would be more vigilance in monitoring the content of those utilizing their services. There are many out there who are easy to sway to do something wrong, either due to mental illness or a personality disorder. These sites need to be more careful and countries need to force them to do so. Notice there are no ISIS attacks in China or North Korea.

  • Yes, they should.

    Media from the Islamic state and ISIS is full of propaganda and lies. While there is certainly a need for freedom of press, the outright lies that these media sources spread is not a good idea. Access should be limited to these sources, and people should have to hunt for them.

  • Yes, countries should limit access to media from ISIS to prevent radicalization.

    Yes, countries should limit access to media from ISIS to prevent radicalization. Normally, this wouldn't be right to restrict anyone's access to media because it is a form of free speech. However, ISIS has committed so many heinous acts against the US and other countries that it is appropriate to do so for them.

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