• End coal power usage - and quickly

    It's time for more countries to set a date for the end of coal power usage - a date that can't come soon enough. With more countries deciding on these goals, it sets a clear deadline for environmental standards to be improved and solidified so that we will leave a better environment for generations to come.

  • Yes, they need to stop their coal power usage.

    We all learned about nonrenewable energy in school. Well, coal falls into that category. Coal will not be renewed in our lifetime and countries need to set a date to end its use. If they set a date they can plan on what they will do without it. Open ended dates can lead to procrastination. We need clean, renewable energy.

  • Yes, coal power is ruining our environment and scaring the Earth.

    Coal power is far from clean, and we have so many other alternative fuel choices at our disposal. Not only does coal power cause pollution of the air, it also causes harm to nature, animals, and it ruins landscapes. Coal mining is extremely dangerous for the men and women who collect the coal, and medical issues, such as black lung, are associated with working in a coal mine.

  • Not realistic in some countries.

    In case of developed and rich countries, they have high technology to exploit other clean resource such as solar, wind, etc. However, in many developing countries, they are poor and always have to face the shortage of power. Coal, as a cheap and abundant resource, is the useful way to satisfy domestic demand instead of importing power from other countries.

  • Why would we

    Why would we spend all that time, money, and effort on crippling our economy and destroying jobs. It makes no sense. It would make more sense to encourage more coal mining and burning to create more jobs, boost our economy, and create more CO2 emissions which are good for our environment.

  • No, setting a date is ineffective.

    No, setting dates for ending coal usage is mere posturing since there is no, and never will be, an effective control mechanism to ensure compliance. We already have numerous international environmental agreements, which are routinely ignored once the ink is dried. No country will declare war because of breach of such an agreement, and sanctions don't work because there are too many other countries willing to step in and take that business instead.

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