Should couples who are unable to conceive naturally receive state funding to have IVF treatment?

  • Everyone should be able to have children

    Not being able to conceive can be mentally debilitating, it causes severe depression in many people and other related serious health issues, it should be treated as any other serious health issue, and as someone else stated, we are paying taxes that help people who won't get a job support their children, so it is fair that we also get help when we need it.

  • For God's sake YES!

    If there is a documented medical reason why the reproductive organs do not work, then medical insurance should ABSOLUTELY provide coverage. It's extremely sad and disheartening that insurance companies, employers, and state mandates do not recognize the agony that infertile couples deal with EVERY day. So many people can have kids, be lazy, not work or be productive members of society and the state supplies them with a check each month. WTF. I could go on forever about this topic........ PLEASE KEEP FIGHTING that infertile couples won't be discriminated against for the fact their reproductive organs are not functionally properly. That is like saying heart disease patients should not receive coverage if the heart has failed or a person shouldn't get a new hip if the joint fails them. WAKE UP people! God Bless all the infertile couples who suffer, cry, are depressed, lose friends, and sometimes just can't even get out of bed cause the stress of infertility and how to pay it for it overwhelms them every second of every day.

  • Childless couples have no options

    What more to say. We tried to adopt for more than six years with zero success. Before adoption we tried IUI without any success. What other options are available to childless couples. Does society really think that childless couples are going to be happy without children? If the government took your children would you be a happy and content couple?

  • In support of government funding for IVF

    If the government funds for abortions, then there should be a fund for families desperately wanting to have their own babies. The procedure is very expensive and there is no guarantee for it to work; a lot of couples have to go through multiple cycles before having any success. I lost both of my tubes due to ectopic pregnancies, but desperately would like to have my own baby (babies)... But cannot afford an IVF procedure which is medically my only available option.

  • Human rights laws in the UK states that everyone has a right to family life.

    And this includes having the right to try for a biological child. Childless couples contribute taxes towards maternity services and schools etc, and after a few years of paying into the system for other illnesses have more than paid for their treatment. Personally, I have no other illnesses that difficulty conceiving. I have paid more in national insurance over my working years than it will cost to pay for IVF. If people dont want IVF to be state funded then I will happily claim back my NI contributions that I have never used for any other illness and put that money towards my treatment.

  • Infertility is a disorder

    Just like mental disorders and physical disorders, infertility is a problem for millions of people. Infertility affects 50% of Males and 50% of females of the people who suffer from it. Adoption is an option, however some people do not feel comfortable with this option. Plus adoption is about the same cost as IVF.

  • Endometriosis and blocked fallopian tubes.

    I live in the UK. I have blocked fallopian tubes and endometriosis. Despite several requests since 2007 to investigate my infertility the NHS has done absolutely nothing until I went private and found I had endometriosis and blocked fallopian tubes. The type of blockage I have is around 90% successful to unblock with a small procedure! I am now 44, had the right diagnostic tests been done when I was 37 yes I believe my chances of conception would have been fairly good given my FSH was still fairly low! The fact is that simple diagnostic tests that could even prevent needing IVF are not even carried out! Do I think I should get a free round of IVF ...Damn right I should even if that included egg donor. I pay my taxes ..I have worked all my life. Sorry to the No voters but many of you do not seem to have been born with a heart! Maybe you should google infertility suicide or if you think we should all adopt ...Did you? Many of these adopted children will at 18 go find their useless inadequate birth parents adding to emotional distress of infertility. This has put my partner off this. Maybe the laws need changing? As for affording a child well here in the UK we throw money at you for having children (money that comes from my taxes!). Where should the money come from? The UK needs to curb immigration, take on only genuine refugees, get the hell out of the EU, only pay benefits for up to three children, ban cousin marriages which show a higher defect rate and stop rewarding type 2 diabetes patients with free prescriptions for what is mainly a self-inflicted disease (I have chronic asthma, often caused by other people selfish actions, and I don't get free prescriptions!). Problem solved!

  • Infertility is a handicap

    Infertility (especially unexplained infertility) is a handicap like any other. You have no power to change it, just guidelines you can try to follow with no luck. Couples with this issue should receive aid for at least one treatment just to rule out the possibility that they may or may not be able to conceive at all.

  • IVF is expensive!

    After 10 years and many, many prayers of trying on our own, 11 years of marriage, and plenty of love to give we are unable to conceive. My husbands semen analysis came back with 0 sperm count. They tell us go to a urologist. So we call and find out a consult, CONSULT, will cost 250-500.00. Wow I can't wait to see how much treatment is.... We have funding for everything under the sun but nothing for couples who want biological children. Adoption ranges from 25,000 to 50,000 dollars so all those comments about adoption, try to consider that! People who can conceive have no right to comment because you have no idea what it is like.

  • Funding would change our lives

    People say adopt, People say God doesn't want you to have children, People say they shouldn't have to pay for us to have a child.... Well.... My husband is the last in their blood line and it is very important for them to have it continue and adoption is not an easy process to do as well as costly. If God didn't want us to try IVF's he wouldn't have made it possible for humans to create doing it. I don't complain about paying for school's that I don't have children attending, or roads that I will never drive on. Come on people lets give a little kindness and hope back..

  • Stop being selfish

    There are so many children without homes, the money would be better spent on funding better care for the children already here, i think funding to help people adopt would be a better idea, adoption should be free, people then might consider this an actual option insted of being obcessed with ivf

  • Cost of IVF

    If you can't afford the IVF then you can't afford to raise a child. It shouldn't be up to society to pay for the impregnation and then have to continue paying via the dole and other tax paid incentives because you couldn't afford the child once you have it. Save up, prove that you can manage money and pay for your own IVF. Having children is not a 'right' but a privilege.

  • Shouldn't be state funded, but Insurance should cover more.

    My wife and I did IVF and it actually worked! We feel very blessed and fortunate. There are many children who are seeking a happy home but don't forget that the adoption process takes years and is extremely expensive. Not to mention that every aspect of your life is scrutinized and there are many instances where the natural mother backs out at the last second - which is devastating. So, adoption has it's own challenges. However, to dismiss IVF and suggest adoption is to trivialize the potential mother's situation. And it's frankly none of your business anyway. We are not somehow obligated to save all the children in the world because of struggles with fertility.

    Anyway... State funding puts the burden on taxpayers. I don't expect other people to carry my weight as long as they keep their noses out of my business. Having said that, I pay hundreds of dollars a month on health insurance and have never needed more than a sling for my shoulder (sports injury). But when we ACTUALLY need something due to a medical condition, the procedure still costs us thousands and thousands and TENS of thousands of dollars. That is wrong. Insurance companies need to increase their coverage for IVF treatments.. I'm not saying pay for all of it, but come on.. The amount of money it costs for one treatment is astounding. And it is restrictive for people who HAVE insurance, but happen to be in a lower tax bracket. You shouldn't be denied a child just because you make less money than me. That is not cool...

  • Parenthood isn't a right offered by the state.

    Parenthood is a blessing from God or Allah and should be treated as such. It isn't the responsibility of the state to ensure you become pregnant, that is something we shouldn't control nor should we try. It is selfish greed to force others to pay for what you want. There are needs within each state that must be met for the general welfare of all of the states citizens and there is rarely enough funds to cover those costs, education. Has it been so long since we heard the words, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

  • Low priority.

    Of all the medical conditions in the world that requires funding, infertility is probably the most insignificant one. It does not spread, it does not kill and it doesn't even generate physical pain/discomfort. More people are experiencing it now partly due to they postpone having babies till they are much older. If people can sacrifice their chance of having children for their career during their prime, that reflects how low priority having babies is in their life. Even if state chooses to fund IVF treatment one day, there should be an age-limit to it to filter out the people who want it as a "life-style" choice.

  • No, because a couple that can't have children should foot the bill for the expenses involved, not society.

    That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. If so, then a couple should be receiving state funding to have abortions. This is a horrible idea. If you can't have kids, then you can't have kids, and it should be up to you to afford the expenses, if needed. Oh my goodness, we already have enough children in the world.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • absolutely not

    there are enough kids here in need of homes

  • A child is a gift from God

    It is evil to create a child through artifical means. The child is innocent but the parents will have to answer to God.

  • IVF treatments are too pricey.

    There are many critical health conditions that are in need of funding. Currently, IVF treatments are costly and are not guaranteed success. In addition, there are many orphans looking to be adopted worldwide. Therefore, infertile couples should always consider adoption rather than cause a burden to the state by going through state-paid IVF.

    Posted by: FeIBuddy
  • Having kids is not a concern of the government

    The want to have children while nice is not the responsibilty of the government like providing good health care for sick people is

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