Should criminal charges be filed in the shooting of Philando Castille?

  • Still Need More Evidence...

    ...But either way this was a horrible reaction by the police officer. We don't see what happened prior to the shooting, so we need more evidence. However, there was a baby in the backseat, so even if the victim was reaching for a weapon, the officer can't just fire four shots into a car with 2 other people in it. What if a stray bullet hit the baby? This was at the very least a horrible judgment call by the cop.

  • Yes, his shooting was homicide

    Yes, the video shot by Castille's girlfriend demonstrates that the shooting was homicide. Castille was licensed to carry a concealed weapon, disclosed that he had such a weapon, and still ended up dead. Police officers have a difficult job, but they must be held accountable for misconduct. In this case, this behavior was clearly illegal.

  • We need to see the evidence in a court room.

    We need to see all the details of the case in a court room so we can find out what happened. The officers may have been genuinely in danger or they may not have been, which ever way this needs to go to be sorted out officially so we can stop all the conjecture. Which ever side of the debate you are on you should agree with me.

  • Yes, criminal charges should be filed.

    There should at least be an investigation. It is very clear that the police officer used excessive force. According to police rules it may have been "justifiable", but common decency says he should have been more careful. He would not have been killed if he was white there is not doubt.

  • Yes, criminal charges should be filed in this instance of police brutality.

    Yes, criminal charges need to be filed against the police officer who shot this innocent victim. Police officers are in a high-risk, stressful field and need to protect themselves, however, in this instance (as in far too many cases) the police officer shot at the private citizen point blank without regard for the citizen's safety. Officers need to protect people, not engage in random, unprovoked killings.

  • Yes, the shooting of Philando Castille was murderous and unnecessary.

    Yes, the shooting of Philando Castille was completely unfair and unjust. The police officer was not doing his job properly, and was completely out of line. Most of this stems from the color of Philando's skin, which is the underlying problem. To say that the police officer needs to face criminal charges is an understatement for what has been done to Philando and his family.

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