• It depends on the seriousness of the crime.

    If person goes to jail for minor crimes then these are circumstances where the person can be rehabilitated since the crimes are minor but if we are talking about crimes like multiple murder, manslaughter(in some cases) , rape, kidnapping, torture,etc. To keep these type of people alive not only gives them a chance to escape to do it again but it puts the other criminals who are in prison for minor crimes in danger.

    It is quite apparent that these people cannot be rehabilitated and killing them would but all of their victims at peace.

  • There can't be leeway in our justice system.

    There are some people, who through there crimes, are so much more than counterproductive to society. This kind of people do not heed the threat of imprisonment. In fact, many murderers enjoy and thrive in prison. Capitol punishment is necessary to deter many horrible crimes. It has been proven to make criminals think twice before they act. Personally, if someone killed my family and a score of others, I wouldn't lose any sleep to see him put in the grave.

  • Saves Time and Lives.

    Someone who has the potential to receive the death penalty must have breached several aggravating factors, which depends on the state. Some of these aggravating factors could be as repulsive as rape of a minor, depraved torture, and other disgusting facets of a crime. We can all agree that this behavior is counter-intuitive to our society and these people have no right to stand within our civilizations.

    No, we shouldn't just arrest them and put them in a jail because people fail to recognize the potential dangers of putting someone like that in a jail. It's not just some trash heap that you can throw people who committed crimes into; there are people in that jail, people who have no committed such heinous and atrocious crimes as the person who deserves the death penalty.

    You're putting someone that's obviously capable of murder, torture, and extreme psychological disturbance into a jail filled with people that are in the penal system for more minor offenses. By doing so, you're allowing someone that would like to kill again to roam free in a prison that is full of potential victims.

    At least when that person was in our society, sauntering about as a free person, there was the consequence of getting the death penalty of spending life in prison. Now that they're in prison, what's really stopping them from just killing anyone they please if there are no other consequences? You've successfully taken out the only ultimate consequence, the only thing that keeps people from doing such terrible crimes - in a cell full of trapped prisoners, no less.

    The bottom line is simply this. If you commit a terrible and disgusting crime, you deserve the death penalty. You do not get to go to jail and terrorize other people's lives, regardless of what other crimes those people have committed. This will save us time, money, and the effort of sending someone that is clearly not able to act as a human, to a jail cell.

  • Yes, we should

    Well, of course it depends on the crime they committed. If they are a thief or something, I believe they can change. But if they are a twisted murderer they must be killed. If we let them go they might kill innocent people. So to protect our society, YES we must kill murderers. Don't get me wrong though, if they prove that they can change we should let them go. But if we have a psychopath like Ted Bundy, we should definitely kill him.

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  • Save taxpayers money, less criminals

    Save taxpayers money and reduce crime. Criminals should be shot by bullets and killed instantly right after they are found guilty. They can think about their wrongdoings when they are dead. Don't like it, maybe they should not have committed the crime in the first place. If you don;t believe criminals should be killed, why don't you change their minds? Why don't you tell criminals to stop committing crimes? If you believe criminals can change, prove it with all criminals, not just a the small few. Let's save taxpayers money and have a lot less criminals around.

  • Some people just can't change and are a burden to society.

    There are some criminals that absolutely deserve to be executed. But, this does not mean that every criminal should be executed.
    If a person repeatedly commits a henious crime, then what use is he to society? He's not going to change, he's a waste of space.
    And to those who say that serial killers and others who have committed crimes just as serious deserve a second chance then I'm sorry to say that you're too naive. Do you honestly believe that criminals like them actually care about what the general public or society thinks about them?
    And to those that say that killing another "person" is wrong regardless of the atrocities he has committed then let me ask you this, if a criminal who has been charged with a number of murders and has always gotten away with it, kills a person very close to you, then what would your response ? Send him to prison so he can be "rehabilitated"? Well good luck with that. If executions are banned in the future then criminals who are notorious for their crimes should at the very least be given life sentences.

  • They really should

    You all can believe that killing criminals is morally wrong, but those who have committed a crime do not have these "morals" you all speak of. A person who can't even differentiate between right and wrong has no place in our society. The world would be better off without scum like them. I would be willing to sink to the deepest level in order to stop even just one criminal. You've seen videos of abuse, bullying, torture, etc. and what do you think was the first thing that came to your mind? "I would kill them if I ever crossed paths with them." We all are guilty of it. Criminals don't deserve to be treated like humans because the moment they committed a crime, they stopped being one.

  • Some people can only make the world better by not being in it.

    Murder, I can sometimes understand. People lose it and do something one time that they will never do again. Serial killers however are the other side of the spectrum. My main concern is child molesters who will never stop doing what they do. People like that are a threat to everyone around them and need to be stopped since as they say they "cannot stop themselves".

  • Absolutely Not !

    It doesn't matter what they do, you don't kill a person for any reason. As Winston Churchill once said, if you kill a murderer, the number of murderers in the world remains unchanged. Sure a "eye for an eye" might seem pleasurable, but what does that say about our society? That we are no better than the criminals themselves?

    It's barbaric and unreasonable to take the life of a human being in such a manner. Why not reform our prison rehabilitation system?

  • So Morally Wrong

    We have absolutely no right to take away another human being's life. Do people do things that are downright terrible? Yes. Absolutely. But if we take revenge by killing them, does that make us any better? No. Absolutely not. There are ways to keep people in prison for life without ever giving them the chance of parole. That is what we need to do. Now I know there are people out there who don't want their tax money being used on those types of people, but let me tell you, the chemicals required for lethal injection are becoming so rare that it can cost millions just for one dose. That and lethal injection is one of the most used ways of the death penalty. People often ask me, what about a murderer? If somebody murders another person, shouldn't they get the death penalty? No. That is like saying we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong.

  • I think it is morally wrong

    I'm about to give a philosophic argument for the first part, but I'll say that we don't understand death. It is unknown to us. What if death really is nothing? Killing someone is horrible, the murder shouldn't have done that, but it only makes us hypocrites to do the same. Should the state really do that to someone? I don't know, honestly, this is something I'm kind of undecided on, but I'm leaning more towards No. I don't support the death penalty though, I think it's barbaric and the purpose of it is just for revenge - and when is that ever good? I'll end this by saying I am one of those people who think that perhaps even Osama bin Laden should have been tried.

  • No, They Should Not

    I think that we people should not kill criminals because if we kill them, we would be just like them, and I know the murderers kill the innocent and if we kill murderers then nothing happens to the innocent but for me, killing is killing and killing is wrong. No matter who you kill, even Hitler or some assassin that you think deserves to die is still Killing and I think it is evil

  • No one should be kiled

    According to me i disagree with the sentence because no man by birth is a criminal. Their circumstances force them to do what their heart never wills. Their circumstances can be anything it can be due to poverty, ailments or shortage of food. As in the drama bishops candlesticks the convict steals to save his wife from suffering which he never wanted to do. But there was no way other than stealing. But after stealing as by his luck he was caught. And the punishment given to him was too big for his shoes. This was just an example. Imagine how many people in this world would be suffering like this.Instead of understanding the pros and cons of the prisoner he is chained and whipped behind the bars. After a great suffering in the jail they just convert the criminals into a wild beast. Criminals are also human beings and they need to be consulted.No man is born great and no man is a criminal.They want to get wok but there is no employement for them because of shortage of wealth.
    Society should treat them like normal people.They should be consulted and gien a job.People are the future.People should change the world.In this generation by stealing or by lazing around there is no escape.They have to be preached in a certain manner.
    By these i conclude that criminals arent wicked and do not deserve punishment.

  • As Bad As Them

    If you were to kill a criminal because they stole something or even murdered someone else, the you are no better then them. I would know. My aunt's brother in law was shot and everyone was worried about his two twin sons. That doesn't mean that you should kill him. Killing others makes us criminals ourselves.

  • Even the darkest heart can change

    You shouldn't kill someone because of there crime it's just wrongs it's like your the killer it wouldn't be acceptable even if they blew up entire planets but seriously who dose that anyway I'll tell you a true story a pickpocket took something from someone sleeping and the sleeping man didn't notice woke up and fell in train tracks people were there and didn't help but the pickpocket came back and saved him like 2 seconds before the train came don't kill them all bad guys could change but some good guys can't change

  • Rehabilation is the american belief

    In America, we believe in rehabilitating criminals. It's really unamerican not too. They didn't even do this back in the day of public hangings. Most criminals just need help and we don't put enough focus on it. The prison systems need to be improved, all they are doing is locking them up so they don't have to deal with it. They don't fix anything so when they are released they do the same thing. Stop being lazy all life is important.

  • Of course not

    Why kill someone to show that killing is wrong? If you do, you're teaching people that it is okay to kill as long as you have a reason. Everyone has a reason to kill so what makes it legal and just for a person in a higher power to kill when another murderer is killed for killing. It doesn't make sense. Humans are naturally bloodthirsty and seek justice even when it is not kind or fair. Why can't we see past it and look at the bigger picture?

    These people don't deserve to die, they deserve a punishment, but it shouldn't be our decision whether to kill someone or not.

  • No killing criminals bro

    If you kill a criminal you will be a criminal cause you KILLED DUDES ALL OF YOU WHO BELIEVES THAT CRIMINALS SHOULD BE KILLED YOURE DUMB BROS AND SIS uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im BORED OF DOING THIS OK SO AND CAUSE ALL OF THE CRIMINALS ARE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH TOO lol

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