• Cuba is just a communist country in poverty

    I do support freedom and having countries their own government but this country has no structure of how a real government can work. Plus the benefits are overwhelming to support the country into a democracy instead of a communist rule. We had this embargo on them to crush their economy and force into surrender but this didn't work and U.S is just putting innocent civilians into poverty and making this small island into a s***hole to live in. Many exile citizens left the country just to get a better life.We tried a peaceful solution,then a small aggressive attack of CIA agents called "The Bay of Pigs" to take over the country's government didn't work. How about a whole army moves in takes out all enemies against U.S and Cuba can thrive and become a great addition to the U.S.

  • We should of invaded Cuba a long time ago.

    If Cuba became a state it would be the envy of the world. It would likely become the tourist capital of the world in a very short period of time. Latin American countries still enamored by communism like Venezuela would likely collapse due to lack of moral commie support which usually comes from pseudo Cuban heroes they look up to e.g. Gueverra and Castro which are historical frauds at best...

  • Cuba is not that bad off

    Cuba should get invaded but not by the US military. Cuba will be invaded after the passing of the current dictatorship but it won't be by an army. The invaders will be US corporations tapping into the potential Cuba has. Cuba could have been the Paris of the Caribbean and it will be one day. Cuba has been hurt by the embargo but I bet it will be lifted once the leadership passes. The Cuban government will transition probably along the lines of Franco's Spain. Cuba will stop being an outcast and join the global economy and I am willing to bet that Cuba assumes a leadership position in the Caribbean not just a partner of Venezuela. I have high hopes for Cuba and its citizens.

    As for a military invasion no. America is not a country that invades nations for no cause. Also, to the fools that say we did so in Afghanistan (9/11/01) and as for Iraq don't forget at that time Sadam was playing keep away with the inspectors which most sane people don't do if they have nothing to hide. In the post 9/11 world America couldn't take that chance.

  • The current Cuba Government is a Cancer and needs to be removed.

    Yes, United States should liberate the people of Cuba and get the Communist Dictators out of the Island. Because of the Cuban Regime, US has lots millions of dollars in revenue and has received million of refugees who received welfare and cash who otherwise will be living in their country, being productive and making their country successful as it was before 1959.

    Also the presence of Cuba has created huge issues in Latin America, by exporting the version of Communism to Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Nicaragua and Brazil.

  • Invade and bring Castro's to trial ...

    When is Castro's gonna be facing a trial ? How about that ? He keeps his position of being a threat to America, he is friend of Russians, when President Obama was in Cuba, they allowed a Russian strategic ship to be in Havana, about the Chinese, the Iranian, the enemies of the US. How about the spies, why do they want to act like that ? Because they consider US the enemy. They need the enemy to survive. Till when ?

  • I think Cuba should be invaded,

    When is Castro's gonna be facing a trial ? How about that ? He keeps his position of being a threat to America, he is friend of Russians, when President Obama was in Cuba, they allowed a Russian strategic ship to be in Havana, about the Chinese, the Iranian, the enemies of the US. How about the spies, why do they want to act like that ? Because they consider US the enemy. They need the enemy to survive. Till when ?
    In fact, if we analyze the region, Caribbean, Central-America, South-America, the Castro's are hold responsibility for all anti-American thoughts, they have spread the word, and act like the evil they are. It's easy to watch the situation in Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina thanks god Kirchner is gone. Venezuela has been occupied militarily and economically by Castro's, the results are there.
    Today the world is different. Think about the fact they have been during 57 years a threat, selling information and providing enemies with any info that affects the US, the Castro's have been supporter of terrorists in Latin-America, affecting US interests, and with the cost of American soldiers life. They supported the FARC, the narc-terrorists guerrillas in Colombia, and many other acts of terrorism they hold responsibility for. They were in wars like in Ethiopia, Angola, Congo. Add the numbers of how much damage they have caused during 57 long years. I don't see correct to let them go without facing justice. How many more Cubans have to die ?

    Can you picture Latin-America without Castro ?

  • Cuba Can Potentially Invade Latin American Countries.

    Cuba is a communist country. Their government controls everything people do and everything in their lives. Despite them sharing everything and sharing the same wealth, communism forces them to do it, Not out of Love. Plus communist countries have a brief but frightening history for taking over countries and ruining their economies, so I think Cuba should be invaded by America once and for all.

  • Finishing the Commies

    It's been a long standing battle after the Great War since the communist takeover. It's time to finish off those Red Bastards once and for all. This delusional system has led to the suffering and death of millions of innocent lives throughout this world, it's time to stomp out this fire, it's been burning too long.

  • They should invade Cuba.

    First the U.S. Should nuke Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Iranian and other enemies nuclear silos and military bases to make sure our enemies can't nuke us. Then the U.S.A should lead an invasion in Cuba to prevent Russia or another enemy from being able to launch missles or send in ships 90 miles from Florida.

  • Yes, yes and yes

    The U.S.A has had many issues in the past few years. Terrorist attacks, useless presidents, and major debt. But none have angered us more than the Cubans. They're not only a communist nation, but nearly started World War Three when they horded Soviet missiles.
    If you ask me, we should be raising Old Glory in their capital right now, and I'll gladly join the fight.

  • No, Cuba is a sovereign nation. And besides, the US invaded once before and they where entire wiped out :D

    Norman states that it is a "communist country in poverty" But he doesn't state why it is in poverty. It is because the US imperialist power has eliminated most of its allies ex. Soviet Union, GDR, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Libya. The US have made sure that all major nations ex. UK, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Norway, Finland, Japan, and South Korea do not trade with them and place an embargo them. And you say they live in a "s**t hole", atleast the people of Cuba have jobs, homes, are well fed, are educated, and are healthy. We United States citizens live in an actual shit hole, there is an overwhelming starving part in America which cannot afford basic food items to keep themselves fed, there is an overhelming homeless population in the United States which are forced to stay on the streets due to the greedy bankers stripping their homes from them because they want their profit. Half of America cannot afford healthcare due to horrible pay. Even the support for invading a nation because you don't like their system is sick. And buddy you are touting the democracy crap, I hate to break the news to you, the United States is a two party dictatorship which is set up to give you the illusion of choice. At-least their one party dictatorship allows them to live a safe and happy life. VIVA CUBA!

  • At some point America will pay the price for its world policing

    Maybe America could claim itself as some sort of moral authority if it had a proper democratic system itself, didn't blow foreign toddlers to bits, didn't support left and right wing dictatorships when it suits them and wax on about human rights abuses in the land of Guantanamo and massive state surveillance.

    If any state should be disallowed to have nukes it's the USA, the only country to have dropped them on cities - one of the most revolting things in history.
    And the idea of war, especially nuclear war sickens me. But if the USA decided to invade Cuba, Cuba and its allies should respond the way America would if the roles were reversed. With absolutely no f*cking mercy whatsoever.

  • America should not be allowed to play world policeman anymore.

    No it should not. America has done its role in being the biggest bully on the block. They have done enough to mess up other sovereign nations with the CIA and other undercover agents. Nations should see through the embargo placed by the big bully USA and be able to trade and do business with any country they please and not be afraid to be reprimanded or prodded by America.

  • No no no

    There is no reason that we should invade Cuba. Their dictator has died, and their new leader is good. He was trying to strengthen relations with America. So, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!

  • Do not let the US invade CUBA!

    This what the US has been known for. Taking what is not THEIRS!!!
    Look at the island of CUBA, Everyone there is EDUCATED!!! Highly educated. Which is less than we can say about the US.
    CUBA is a great island do not let the US put its inprints on it.
    PROTECT what is yours CUBANS, do not be fooled, like other small islands!!!

  • No, has Cuba been doing anything wrong?

    Does Cuba pose a threat to us? No. They are a poor, isolated Communist country, we should leave them alone. With how weak Cuba is right now, they wouldn't dare to attack anyone. There is not one reason to invade them, and if America does, guess who the bad guys are? The Americans.

  • For wath theres nothing there

    The island is a total loss there is no benefit out of invading Cuba waths the point loss of money and time and possibly American lives even doe we can take it in a few hours wath are we trying to prove, nothing , Cuba is best in its misery help the people how are friends , forget Cuba all ready ^~^

  • Cuba isn't North Korea

    First off Cuba isn't run by an evil power who has the people believe he is god. Also just cause its communist doesn't make it evil. Cuba and the U.S.. Are trying to gain good relations rather than make matters worse. Cuba is a nice tourist spot for people. DOne.

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