• These rites of passage are inflicted upon vulnerable young people who should be protected by International laws.

    Any rite of passage marking a young person's transition from child to adult that has the potential to endanger or harm the young person should be viewed as a criminal offense. This is especially true when the activity involves deliberate and harmful actions by an adult that in any civilized society would be considered child abuse or even sexual assault.

  • Yes, life and limb always trumps tradition

    Rights of passage that contain acts or quests that have severely dangerous components should be banned by international law. While there is a need to respect cultural differences, when acts that can cause death, maiming, paralysis, or mutilation should be subject to a ban on the basis of health concerns.

  • The culture of different religions have gone far too long for someone to ban them from practicing their belief.

    The United Nations or governments around the globe cannot put a ban on all rites of passage because the beliefs that their society is based on usually relies on rites of passage. Although some religions practice harmful and cruel Rites of passage that should be banned, putting a ban on everything would be completely preposterous. If you took away all the Rites of passage, this world would not become a place for freedom, but it would become a place of dictatorship under one belief, because the other one's would be considered "unsafe".

  • It should be the participants choice.

    A rite of passage can be very important to people why should we say that someone can't do this just because they might hurt themselves? If someone wants to engage in a dangerous activity we shouldn't be able to tell them otherwise. The only thing that should be banned is if the harm is towards unwilling participants. No government or group should tell you what choices you can make, it is your life.

  • No, There Should Be No International Ban

    Some cultures around the world do weird things. That is their choice. We should not place our western views over their beliefs and customs. If their culture thinks that is it necessary to do something to be an adult, than they sould be able to do it. Just because we live a certain way does not mean that the rest of the world has to.

  • Dangerous right of passage should not be subject to an international ban

    Dangerous rights of passage should not be subject to an international ban. If any law should apply it should only be the law of the host nation where such acts are occurring. Besides being just a bad idea, International bands are notoriously difficult to enforce. Leave law where it belongs, At the local level.

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