• Yes it should

    I do not care if an actual criminal dies but there are people who are falsely convicted of crimes who got executed. What about people like this guy who were falsely convicted if crimes and almost executed. What would you tell him? because of the possibility of executing an innocent person it should not be allowed.

  • It definitely should.

    There are three main reasons to why I would ban the death penalty. Firstly, it gives the government or whoever deals the penalty the power of life or death over their citizens, taking the country a step further into being a dictatorship-like state.
    Secondly, as Dilara said, there is always the possibility of a false conviction.
    And finally, even if the person is guilty of murder or some other crime, I still believe it immoral and nonsensical to try and correct it by adding to the body pile. Especially when we consider that the majority of crime is committed when the person is not of a sane mind or is in a desperate situation. As a side note, I've always believed re-education rather than imprisonment or punishment to be the solution.

  • It should be illegal

    "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind." I can definitely see the argument and the want to end the lives of those who have committed unforgivable offences. However we have to ask ourselves when the cycle of violence ends, and whether or not we are any better than the person who has committed the crime. It's a slippery slope you walk on when you decide whether or not somebody deserves to live or die.

  • Death penalty is bad.

    Sure death penalty is necessary when the person did something that no human should do then I think death penalty is fine. But there are cases that when it's not so necessary for death penalty. Also the person who holds the penalty gets extreme amounts of trauma and stress from it.

  • I don't disapprove.

    It's just that it may cause people who are guilty to go free.
    -In my opinion, I think we should put people to death for more than just murder. For instance if they rape or sexually assault children.
    -The problem is, having the death penalty could actually cause obviously guilty people to be set free. Look, if someone on a jury is absolutely opposed to the death penalty, they would not vote guilty even if they knew in their hearts that the person was guilty. This would cause a mistrial. If it happens enough times, the courts may give up on the charges meaning that the guilty goes free even tho everyone knows they are guilty. What if the judge opposed the death sentence?
    -I have a better idea. Instead of putting people who have committed such crimes to death, we give them a different form of death penalty. Basically, we lock up far away from human contact (lie solitary confinement) and leave them there till the day they die. Basically, their whole existence is that cell. The closest thing to human contact would be a food tray slipping under the door. To keep the smell down, we just turn on the sprinkler system once a week.
    -As far as people like child molesters, seeing that they tend to be very unpopular among other prisoners. We could just put them in general population prisoners who have committed other violent offenses. Problem solved. From what I understand, other prisoners tend to make their last moments really awful, but hey, they deserve it.

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