• Democracy Requires an Informed Public

    Whether or not you support the death penalty, it is currently a legal form of punishment in the United States. The people of the U.S. shouldn't turn a blind eye to this, they need to be informed of what they are allowing to take place. It's irresponsible to not allow broadcasting of such events if you're going to legally allow them in a country.

  • Televising Executions Changes the System

    Televising executions will get the debate going about whether or not the death penalty is a deterrent to criminals. On the one hand, some people will say those executions are cruel and unusual punishments. On the other, some will say if average citizens see these events on television, crime will decrease when they see what could happen in capital murder cases. Either way, executions should be televised because it will restart the debate.

  • Showing criminal justices.

    Televising death row executions should be televised because it shows criminal justice. Why is the point of keeping horrid criminals alive? We have to continue feeding them, care for them, and shelter them. And what did they do for others? By showing the death row executions on TV, it imitates others to not do any horrid acts, as the results are shown on TV.

  • Yes they should

    Every murderer rapist peedophile and terrorist deserves to be executed and everyone should be able to see it. But I think it shouldn't be done in a local area but some where private where only a few people can watch and everyone else can watch on the TV or internet.

  • An eye for an eye

    Who cares about shielding those from death row from the embarrassment and horror of a public execution? Were their victims spared? No! Also who cares if their death is inhumane, i'm fairly sure they werent thinking of being humane when they were murdering their victims. Also why should they be given a last meal of their choice?

  • It'd be very interesting

    I think they should televise executions because it might stop most of the crime that's going on. If some sees another human being getting killed for doing something their thinking about doing it might stop a lot of crime but it'd be very interesting to see, that's what I think personally

  • It'd be very interesting

    I think they should televise executions because it might stop most of the crime that's going on. If some sees another human being getting killed for doing something their thinking about doing it might stop a lot of crime but it'd be very interesting to see, that's what I think personally

  • Show Them What They Support And Pay For

    It's often been said by many on the anti-capital punishment bench that if every pro-execution individual could be made to view an electrocution in person that the death penalty would disappear overnight. I don't know if that would actually be true, however if we were to televise executions perhaps we would see a significant drop in support for this form of "justice". Let the pro-death Americans see what it is that they are paying for and voting for. If it turns out that capital punishment is something that they find to be too gruesome to watch, then maybe they shouldn't be supporting it and ought to rethink their positions.

  • Democracy only works if we have a transparent government.

    If we as people of the united states actually see what is happening in that room then the government is held significantly less accountable for a botched execution. Sure the people who end up on death row have done horrible things and they deserve to be there. But no one deserves to die a painful and prolonged death that is seen more as a medical treatment then a punishment. Televising executions would make us less barbaric because the people of this country can see when prisoners are subjected to the form of torture known as a "botched" execution. When the people of this country actually see what is happening inside the death chambers they will call for a reform and to only way for this to happen is to televise executions.

  • If we as a people have it we should see it.

    The US has a long history of capital punishment and a short history of hiding it. It is no longer a deterrent to crime because criminals do not see the consequences of their actions. In the 19th Century schools would take children to executions (families also) to see what happens to lawbreakers. It did not make society barbaric but greatly cut down on numbers of violent crimes

  • Unnecessary and uncivilised

    By televising this you are giving those criminals more attention. You will remember them and not the victims which doesn't do justice to those who have suffered. Any victims can go and see the execution already if they believe it will bring them closure so it wouldn't be for their interest. It also doesn't work as a deterrent as the death penalty itself isn't a deterrent- why would televising it work better than the actual sentence existing? It makes no sense to argue that. By televising it, it returns to medieval levels of justice which should not be necessary in "civilised" societies. And finally, many people on death row are mentally ill (despite the law banning their execution), this just makes it even more macabre to want to watch the death of someone who is already ill. Most people on death row have come from horrendous circumstances whereby making bad choices is all they can see and they have limited good choices available to them. Televising their death seems like an unnecessary final insult to what has been a life that very few would have chosen to be born into.

  • No, that doesnt serve the public interesting.

    No death row executions should not be televised because it the most crewl thing to do even tho the prissiner deserves to but punished death row should not be one of those things bad influence on kids about they might think that its cool and might could put nightmares in kids sleep.

  • Repetition eventually turns to a neglected cliché

    Televising such an act is inhumane and brutal not only to the person being executed but also to the person watching. The more people are exposed to watching executions of others the more they will get used to it. It will become a normal act that everybody would label as mainstream rather than fearing it or considering it as a lesson

  • Don't Televise Executions

    Without a doubt, we shouldn't televise death row executions because doing so is inhumane. People shouldn't be able to watch death row inmates be put to death. Doing so allows them to derive some entertainment from the execution, which makes them cruel and unusual punishmnet in this day and age.

  • They Shouldn't Happen

    I do not believe death row executions should be televised. Personally, I think we should ban the death penalty, however it is even worse to assume they should be televised. To me, being put to death should be a very private matter, its bad enough that the prisoner is put on display for an audience to watch. It seems inhumane the way it is, televising it, would make it worse.

  • Not in any circumstance

    There is no way that death row executions should ever be televised. If the state decided to put one of its inmates to death, then that is one thing. There is a small group of people that can watch. However, to televise it is tasteless and completely unwarranted. Never should they do this.

  • No, that doesn't serve the public interest.

    No, death row executions should not be televised, because in the end it does not serve the public interest. Death row executions are of a sensitive matter. There is often grieving family. People know that the execution took place. It would make our society barbaric to televise the execution for all to see.

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