• Democrats should try to abolish the death penality.

    Democrats should try to abolish the death penalty because the justice system is imperfect, and at times the wrong person is charged with a crime, and possibly later exonerated. It is impossible to undo the possible mistake of executing a totally innocent person, so the death penalty should be abolished.

  • Yes, voters notice when you claim the moral high ground.

    Too often, Republicans have been seen as the party of idealism, while the Democrats have been seen as pragmatic to the point of not having firm ethical principles. Making a stand on the death penalty, even at a short-term political cost, would make an impression on voters that would be good for the party over time.

  • Yes, it is time to abolish the death penalty.

    Yes, I agree that Democrats needs to work towards abolishing the death penalty. It is an archaic form of punishment that turns people into killers. We as a whole are guilty when someone is killed by the state. The death penalty is severe and life imprisonment would be far better.

  • The death penalty should be abolished

    It is time for America to join the countries around the world that do not have a death penalty. The Democrats are in an excellent position to abolish this barbaric practice for good. They should use their political leverage to do so - America can't look like a backwards nation anymore.

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