Should developed countries help developing countries?

  • We should support each other as equal

    Because what happens if one day they get better then us and we need help from them but they do not want to help because we had also the chances to help them and we never did. We need to stop thinking only about out self and think more on how to help each other and how it will help in the future.

  • Its a Win-Win

    If we help develop developing countries, then in the long run it will come right back to us because then those developing countries will eventually be developed and become our trading partners and buy things from us and makes our economy stronger. Which in the end, works to our benefit and theirs. It's a win-win situation.

  • I think we should help fight

    I think we should he other country's, if great Britain goes into a war we should and we will help them they are some of the USA best friends. And the same thing for other country's. And Canada plus mexico there good friends too very good friends.

    Thank you very much

  • They need our help

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  • They need help!

    These people need help developing and no country has ever lifted itself out of poverty without international trade, which they need us for. So we need to help them in big way, not by giving small amounts like 50 cents and calling that generous. We need to be better then that, we need to DO better than that.

  • Yes, we should help them.

    We should help developing countries because, they don't always have the means to help themselves. They don't have the technology that we have making it harder for them to communicate with the outside world. Poverty also is a large factor in helping developing countries. Much of the population of people in developing countries live in poverty.

  • Yes, we should help them

    People would ask why and I just going to answer and say that just because the citizens choose the governors for something, isn't it ?.
    So the red cross and the governors should be magnanimous,generous and very verymad and kind helping people, and we pay taxes just for give to the governors for help others countries to develop and to help needed countries and for us but for them aswell like create hospitals,schools and some supermarket or public transport so they can emigrate to others better countries and have better life, more schools and hospitals

  • Developed countries have more money

    Developed countries have more money to help this developing countries. These first world countries can also help by helping in terms of environmental protection.They can pay for developing countries so that these developing countries will only have to focus on other essential developments.This proves that they will not worry about the environmental protection.

  • Think about yourself, what if you were in this position?

    Developed countries should really help out developing countries. They should help stop poverty if possible, and donate money to developing countries in order for them to survive what they are going through. What if you were living in a developing country? You'd suffer right? And you'd ask or bed for money as well. So why not make a chnage to the world, and do a good deed for once, and donate money to does developing countries..It will help a lot.

  • Yes we should help developing nations for many reasons actually. Every nation will affect the other. Countries that need help militarily, economically, and financially.

    I see that the developed nations, like the U.S, get involved either because they feel like they have a responsibility, or because they know that they will be affected if the other countries are in trouble. The world is intertwined financially and when one country is in trouble so are the others.

  • No Developed countries should not

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  • It's not really helping either us or them

    Developed nations and developing nations are same country in this world, but if developed nations help developing nations, that nations would be sorry for developed nations. Like when you are being helped by some younger boy. Developing nations would be sorry and the relation of two countries wouldn't be good

  • I feel that it's our duty

    For all the countries in the world that have a stable society should aid the less fortunate countries. If the developed countries are able to provide for the less fortunate, why wouldn't they help out. I feel that this country is full of people that don't have what we do.

  • We have enough problems of our own.

    Just think about it. We barely have enough money to support ourselves, and the last thing we need is to support another country. I realize that helping others is a great thing, but we shouldn't let our own country's people slip into poverty. With rising food prices and other costs, we just can't afford it.

  • Will cause more harm than help

    More people that survive means an increased world population leading to increased strain on resources. Also, the united states in deep in debt and we can't afford to help others if we cannot help ourselves. Plus, why should we help another nation if they can potentially become stronger than us?

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