Should disabled people be treated the same as able-bodied people?

  • We are all the same

    No matter what gender disability or disease how rich or how poor we all are the same people under God our fathers eyes he created us to treat each other fairly but now we have changed if you voted no i think you should rethink that because how would you feel if i treated you unfairly because you are disabled what would you do if one of your kids was born disabled or was labeled disabled during the pregnancy would you abort and commit a murder well would you just have a think about it.

  • Yes, they should be.

    Although they have a disability, that shouldn't change the fact that they should be treated equally as kids that don't have any. Of course, educationally, they should learn in a way that simplifies what they're being taught in order to be able to understand/comprehend it.

    I am against having them being pampered, as in for an example, having their time for entertainment varied (Entertainment having nothing to do with learning), using their mental handicap for an excuse. It's not right at all.

    That's about all I have to say.

  • Yes they should be treated equally

    No matter what a person's condition is they should be treated like a human being because we are all human and should have the same rights as others . I also believe that all schools should cater for disabled children so that they will have the same experiences as able students

  • They should because

    I'm sick of seeing special needs people getting away with assault, destruction of public property, destruction of private property and in some cases murder. Not to mention I sit down to eat a nice meal and there's one of these retards screaming his head off a few tables over. Also in high school I accidently touched one of these fuckers and they went ape shit on me so obviously I fought back and I was the one who got suspended. Pretty fucking biased.

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  • Yes and no...

    First of all I'm in a wheelchair myself. I believe that socially those with physical or mild mental disabilities should be treated as equal to able bodied people. Putting ramps and lifts in your buildings isn't treating us differently. It's allowing us access to a place. Don't be so damn stupid!

  • They should be

    At the end of the day people are people whether they are disabled or able-bodied. Naturally, they may need help, like opening doors etc. but that is called giving HELP, not TREATING THEM DIFFERENTLY. It isn't right to call people retarted as it is hurtful, even if they don;t understand. They should definitely be treated the same as all of us.

  • Yes they should be treated the same as able-bodied people

    I'm not sure how this question is being asked, but when it comes to disabled people, they should be treated the same. And by the same, I mean socially. Obviously they are going to need help with jobs and finances and things of that nature, but just treat them like people.

  • To an extent

    Not when safety is an issue. I'm sorry your disabled but i need to carry you out of this collapsing building because if you walk you'll take to long and die. Even some other things to. For example if I'm making a historical movie I can't have a historical figure be in a wheelchair when they weren't in real.

  • Stop The Bull Shit

    Sure, i agree that we sould be nice an consierate, but when a disabled being decides to use their disability as tool for easy life, thats too far. For example, in 6 th grade we had a disabled kid in our class, now, he was for some reason allowed to bring a laptop to school, now thats fine, but when the spelling test comes around, THE FUCKER USES SPELLCHECK, like seriosly, he got so many god dam stickers. Any way, see what i mean, this kid used his disability as a wepon to get himself stickers and let no one else get them,

  • Please stop playing pretend.

    These people are called disabled for a reason, so pretending they are the same gets us nowhere. The truth is, not everyone is equal. If you want to pretend they are "normal", then you should treat them normal fully. For example, a mentally retarded child should receive the same resources and education as an advanced student. You can't have it both ways, either treat the different or treat the same, but stop trying to spare peoples feelings and make them feel included.

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