• Yes, Doctors Without Borders should leave Yemen.

    Doctors Without Borders is an incredible organization that does amazing medical work for many that would otherwise never have access to good healthcare. Unfortunately, this organization has been attacked by several friendly fire incidents in the Middle East. As sad as it is, the organization cannot operate safely in Yemen anymore, without jeopardizing the safety of its doctors and staff. Therefore, the organization should probably pull out of Yemen.

  • DWB should pull out

    Although their cause is just and they are making huge strides in helping the lives of the people within Yemen I believe that Dangers Without Borders should pull out of Yemen until conditions improve in order to safeguard the lives of their Doctors. To remain in the current conditions would be too dangerous.

  • Doctors Without Borders should pull out of Yemen

    Doctors Without Borders has little choice but to pull out of Yemen after the Saudi Arabian-led coalition would not assure them that airstrikes against hospital and medical facilities would cease. In conflict zones, Doctors Without Borders stay despite civilian bombing around them. When those bombing include the doctors and medical facilities themselves, there is nothing Doctors Without Borders can do to help the injured, so they must leave to save their own lives.

  • People need help.

    I do not believe that the Doctors without Borders organization should completely pull out of Yemen. After all, people need medical help there now more than ever, and things will just get worse if they cannot get the treatments that they need. However, I think they need to do anything possible to protect themselves.

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