• Yes, it isn't a bad thing.

    Dodgeball has always been my personal favorite gym activity. It has been my personal pride to dodge as well as I have. However, anytime dodgeball has been suggested, there has always been a resounding yes among my peers, myself included. Dodgeball has always been a fun activity for gym classes, and is as iconic as the hamburger.

  • Why would it not be allowed?

    Dodgeball? Banned? But why? What cases have come up that makes dodgeball worthy of being banned. There are sports far more dangerous than dodgeball, but they're in just fine. We've got wrestling, gymnastics, boxing, football, and many more that could get prohibited, but dodgeball is drawn from the hat? Talk to me when a legitimate death case comes up, then try again

  • Yes, what's the problem with it?

    I love playing dodgeball, why should it not be allowed. I don't see the danger in it. It should be played with FOAM balls, these do not hurt in the slightest unless it hits your eye, which is very unlikely and even then the pain will go away in a couple of minutes. The only real danger is tripping and falling which is in all sport and extremely minor...

  • Yes, its fine

    I love dodge ball, I'm not good at the sport, but i still love it, It teaches strength, hand eye coordination, and the ability to think fast. Even though if you get out early, you cant play, you can just make a new game, and the waiting problem is solved.

  • I got hit in the head by a basketball when I was only 10 years old playing dodgeball.

    It was on a Wednesday night at a recreational park that held dodgeball night with 8-16 year old kids. It was an unsupervised game, and I was the last person to be hit on my side by one of the eldest kids of the other team. Once I was hit, I blacked out and woke up in pain with a migraine for the rest of the night. Games like these should always be supervised and regulate such age groups.

  • It Shouldn't be Banned

    Welp, to be honest, I think dodgeball shouldn't be banned. I just wanted the opinions to not be 100% to 0%, since I'm a dick. :P But, you can consider this as a YES, and not a NO. Anyways, I'm just gonna finish talking. *drops da mic, then walks away*

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